Thursday, August 6, 2009

Garden Ornaments - Two Favorites

We are always on the hunt for fun things to offer our customers. While gathering items for our booth at the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market this Sunday, we ran across two garden statues that we picked up earlier this summer.

This cherubic little guy holding a dolphin is probably at least 100 years old, and shows his age. The dolphin was a symbol of resurrection used by the early Christians. It's been used by many cultures and religions since then, usually denoting positive qualities. The details and proportions are 'just right'. Notice the shells around the base. This piece would fit equally well in a classic or cottage garden.

The little mid-century elf, on the other hand, is pure kitsch. He's cartoonish rather than classic. You'll never find anything like this in the gardens of Biltmore, and yet there's something endearing about him. He'll make you smile.

These two little statues have little in common and yet illustrate the fact that gardens are very personal. Whether you prefer a well-manicured formal garden, a hodge-podge of plants that you love, or an easy-going cottage garden, it will be different than any other. Ornament it however you like! Kitsch or classy, you'll never be wrong.

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