Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1966 Career Girl Game ... No Self-Esteem for YOU!

I recently picked up a game for girls from 1966.  Having grown up in that era, I was left wondering how I ever made it to adulthood with any self-worth!


What Shall I Be? The Exciting Game of Career Girls.  Players learn what it takes to become a teacher, ballerina, nurse, model, actress, and airline stewardess. 

The stereotypes and statements are hilarious and perfectly illustrate the options for young women in the sixties. You could go to Ballet School, Charm School, College, Nursing School, Drama School or Airline Training School.  The game cards tell it like it is without regard for self esteem:  "Your make-up is too sloppy. Bad for Airline Hostess and Model."  "Hair Styling, Good for Airline Hostess, Actress and Model."  "You are strong, good for Ballet Dancer and Nurse".  "You are overweight, Bad for Airline Hostess, Ballet Dancer and Model", "You are clumsy, Bad for Airline Hostess, Ballet Dancer, Model and Nurse". "You Have Patience, Good for Ballet Dancer, Nurse and Teacher".

Does anyone remember any other games that treated us all with such cruelty?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

House In the Woods Auction Gallery - Closing Tonight

Tucked into a beautiful spot in the Kettle Moraine Forest, The House in the Woods Auction Gallery is closing tonight.  Fixtures and furnishings will be sold and the lights will be switched off.  For the past thirty years, Carl & Lynne Seitz have been in the auction business.  Scores of faithful buyers have attended the weekly auctions.  Specialty auctions have drawn customers from around the country. 

About twelve years ago I attended my first House In The Woods auction; it was one of their famous July 4th events.  The gallery was packed with buyers and I'd never seen so many fine antiques at one auction.  The seating was comfortable, there were overhead TV monitors to view the items as they were being sold, and the kitchen served up terrific homemade food.  I've been attending auctions there ever since, whenever my schedule permitted.  The scenic drive and the glorious bit of nature surrounding the facility never fail to inspire me.  Besides finding some great items to offer my customers, I've made friends among the regulars.  There are some that have been attending auctions there since the very beginning.

The time has come for Carl & Lynne to sit back, relax and enjoy their retirement.  In a week they'll be packed up and headed for Florida.  Their faithful staff will move on, and a host of people near Eagle, Wisconsin will be left wondering what to do with all those evenings.  
Enjoy your retirement Carl & Lynne, and goodbye to the House In The Woods... you'll be missed.

**This wonderful piece of real estate is available...any auctioneers out there looking for a venue?



Monday, October 19, 2009

Bloomington Third Sunday Market, Zap and FOUND

This past weekend I shared a booth with my friend Kathy, (of Heritage Antiques), at the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois.  We'd never been there, but had heard good things about the market so decided to head down and give it a whirl.  It turned out to be a fun and successful show and we'd love to return next season.

While good sales are the primary goal for any show, it's always a hoot to meet the fun people that shop the shows. The "most interesting buyer" award this week is shared by my first and last customers of the market.

Doing some early buying, Bill of ZAP Antiques and Props in Chicago stopped at our booth on Saturday.  Bill's company provides design services for restaurants, rents props for stage & movie productions and sells antiques & collectibles.   With a high energy level and a creative mind it's easy to see that he's found the perfect line of work.  You can rent anything from a surfboard to a 1925 Rolls Royce from Bill.

Mary, the owner of FOUND in Ann Arbor, Michigan stopped by near the end of the show. After chatting with her and later viewing her blog, I know that if I ever opened a shop it would be much like FOUND.  The shop is stocked with what I call "schnibbles"...bits & pieces of interesting old things. Paper, game pieces, sewing items, architectural remnants and more are on display.  Art made with found objects is also sold in Mary's shop.  I have feeling that I'll have a great time getting lost in FOUND on my next trip to Michigan.

With the Third Sunday Market in the rear view mirror, we are now moving forward into the holiday season.  Great summer finds are surfacing from our storage area - stay tuned for more info!