Monday, October 19, 2009

Bloomington Third Sunday Market, Zap and FOUND

This past weekend I shared a booth with my friend Kathy, (of Heritage Antiques), at the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois.  We'd never been there, but had heard good things about the market so decided to head down and give it a whirl.  It turned out to be a fun and successful show and we'd love to return next season.

While good sales are the primary goal for any show, it's always a hoot to meet the fun people that shop the shows. The "most interesting buyer" award this week is shared by my first and last customers of the market.

Doing some early buying, Bill of ZAP Antiques and Props in Chicago stopped at our booth on Saturday.  Bill's company provides design services for restaurants, rents props for stage & movie productions and sells antiques & collectibles.   With a high energy level and a creative mind it's easy to see that he's found the perfect line of work.  You can rent anything from a surfboard to a 1925 Rolls Royce from Bill.

Mary, the owner of FOUND in Ann Arbor, Michigan stopped by near the end of the show. After chatting with her and later viewing her blog, I know that if I ever opened a shop it would be much like FOUND.  The shop is stocked with what I call "schnibbles"...bits & pieces of interesting old things. Paper, game pieces, sewing items, architectural remnants and more are on display.  Art made with found objects is also sold in Mary's shop.  I have feeling that I'll have a great time getting lost in FOUND on my next trip to Michigan.

With the Third Sunday Market in the rear view mirror, we are now moving forward into the holiday season.  Great summer finds are surfacing from our storage area - stay tuned for more info!


  1. It's fun to see FOUND mentioned on your blog! It was great to meet you guys - I've been going through those WWII letters home I bought from you and know my customers will do some creative repurposing. And that complete Classroom Printer set might just be too amazing a find to break up... thanks again! Mary from FOUND

  2. I've missed your lovely blog of late, so glad that I stopped by to "catch up". Have a great week!

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments!


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