Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saturday Auction - The Finds

Shabby Junk, Debbie and Ginger were so right about my new kids - aren't they the sweetest? 

Only Tamara guessed the other one...the crow!  I fell for him head over heels! He'll be decked out for Halloween and make his first appearance at Junk Bonanza.

The tiddly-winks game was really charming but someone else loved it waaaaaaay more than I did, so it did not come home with me.  I did however get this wonderful circa 1925 "portable office typewriter". It needs a cleaning and a ribbon; I'll be taking it in for that this week. I've had a hankering to type lately.

Who can resist a baby ring?  
(This one is now available on etsy.)

Some random silverplate pieces are now mine...

...and the creaminess of this circa 1880s stag pattern brown transferware won me over.
 I just love a good auction!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Saturday Auction

With so many shows this summer, it was fun to have a Saturday off to attend an estate auction.  The offerings were varied.  Two of the photos below show items that I bought; can you guess what they are? (I'll let you know in my next post!)

...and speaking of shows, Kathy and I have decided to share a space at Maxwell Street Flea Market in Cedarburg, Wisconsin this Sunday.  See you there?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Good Time at CREATE Artists' Faire

Thanks to Candyce from Altered Ever After for suggesting that I sell at the CREATE Artists' Faire...it was a hoot!  It was too much to hope that Candyce & Jill would be nearby, but we could see them from across the room. 

(CREATE was an event in the Chicago area, sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, offering four days of creative workshops, with a three hour shopping event Friday night.)  My "junksista" Kathy wasn't able to share the show with me this time, but offered to go along and help. Bless her - I couldn't have done it without her!

As soon as the doors opened shoppers flooded in to purchase supplies for their creative endeavours and finished creations from talented artists. My best sellers included vintage ephemera, keys, charms, clock & watch parts, ad mats & cabinet cards.

By the time the show ended, we were starving.  Giordano's was nearby; the perfect place for a late dinner before heading home.  We decided we'd make points and take home leftovers of the famous Chicago pizza for our hubbies, so we each ordered a whole pie.  After the waitresss proclaimed  "You girls must be HUNGRY!" loud enough for the whole city to hear, we got the giggles.  (After the 'subtle one' had walked away, Kathy threatened to eat the whole thing just to give her something to talk about).
This is Kathy's deep-dish pizza...the leftovers!
Thanks for the memories, Chicago!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coming to CREATE - White Wednesday

We're linking up with Faded Charm for White Wednesday and bringing you an eclectic mix today. Shopping at CREATE will be talented artists that utilize found objects in imaginative ways.  We'll be offering a wide variety of things for their artistic pursuits, including some that happen to be white!   And don't worry if you can't make it to CREATE, a similar group of items will accompany us to Junk Bonanza.

From my stash of grain sacks...
(and if you can't get to the shows some are available on etsy 
*update 8/25; all recently listed bags on etsy have sold, will list more soon)

Gumball prizes. 
"pleeeeeeze Mom, can I just have a quarter?"

In the 1960's, studios sent ad mats out
to the theaters to use for newspaper ads

Who doesn't love lace & trim?

And lastly, a different kind of white...a wedding gown!  When a Mom has only sons, the girls they marry become very important to her. Nine years ago we got our first beautiful 'daughter' when Matt married Jori. This past weekend, Jesse & Lori were wed.  We couldn't be happier for them...or for us! 

Monday, August 23, 2010

CREATE - This Week...Can Junk Bonanza Be Far Behind?

After a few days off to enjoy my son's wedding, (more about that another day), it's time to get ready for CREATE this Friday.  I'm looking forward to the Etched Mystery Window Pendants workshop that I'm taking on Thursday, but that leaves only today, tomorrow and Wednesday to get ready for the Artists' Faire.

The cubbies are just beginning to fill with little treasures that will go to CREATE and to Junk Bonanza, which is quickly approaching.  If the "show helper" fairy is at your place, please send her over here...I could use the extra help!  Here are a few of the goodies that are ready to travel:

Trade beads in wonderful colors...

and dozens of keys. Chances are we have the size you need.

Bus passes printed with fun numbers,

...and much more to come!

(P.S. The street sign does not have permission to travel to 
Chicago,so will stay here until Junk Bonanza.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sycamore Steam Show & Threshing Bee...and a Bonus Flea!

Yesterday, there was an order to be picked up from a favorite seller. He was on his way to a show in Sycamore, Illinois and agreed to take my things along and meet me there; it was a bit closer for me than going to his location.  Thanks to "GyPSy", (my GPS), we got there.  It was exactly in the middle of nowhere.
The 'show' was the Sycamore Steam Show and Threshing Bee.  I'd never heard of it.   
The very word "threshing" holds a sweet spot in my heart.   In the early 1900s, a young Oma Alice Harper from Kentucky was cooking for a threshing crew in California. Harry Euclid Williams, from Tennessee, was a member of the crew.  They fell in love.  They were my Daddy's parents, ...my beloved Grandpa & Grandma.

When I arrived at the field I noticed that in addition to fabulous steam engines and vintage tractors, there was a flea market.  SCORE!  (Why has no one ever told me about this before???)
It was nearing the end of the show and vendors were starting to pack up. A  hasty trip around the field yielded an armful of treasures at bargain prices.  This one's going on my calendar for next year.  

Here are some of the finds.  White teapot & giant muffin tins, perfect for sorting beads.
A seed box. I have a smaller one from the same company.

 "Junk" flatware, including some with mother-of-pearl handles.

Tiny tobacco tags

This shabby old sign
I love the floral detailing

Interesting old cabinet photos and CDVs.

Mexican silver boot tips, reflectors and a Victorian album that's falling apart.

The pages are perfect for guilt-free upcycling.

A horse muzzle, a mailbox slot, a United Airlines cup or sugar bowl and possibly the best street sign I've ever found; I am so crazy about that blue! 

It was about the most fun you can have in an hour; my only regret was getting there so close to closing time. When all of the vendors were packed up,  I loaded and left for home.

...No, this isn't my car.  I was parked next to it, and after watching the owner come out and fit one more thing in, I now know that I am unworthy of the title "junker".  This guy is the real deal!
I can't wait to return to Sycamore next year!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What If They Had a Show and No One Came?

This was the view of the walkway much of the time at the Lake Geneva Antique Show & Sale. They can't all be winners and sometimes doing "okay" has to be viewed as a major victory!  It came to light during the event that much of the advance advertising went out with the wrong dates on it.  

Among the meager crowd, The Frightened Hare of Racine found buyers for some of their beautiful furniture. 

Below, John of Christopher & Leveille assists a customer with a purchase.

The content of the show was skewed heavily toward the wealthy mature buyer. Booth after booth was loaded with fine jewelry and silver.

It was nice to see a couple of my regulars there, and fun to meet a few others that appreciated my honest  old survivors.
Come see us again...at another venue!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

54th Annual Lake Geneva Antique Show & Sale

The Lake Geneva Antique Show & Sale kicks off with a preveiw party this Thursday evening, and continues through Saturday.  Friends Pam, John & Cody will be showing there also. My space consists of two small areas in the loge section which can best be compared to European flower stalls.  Each small space has a front counter and narrow shelves on the back & side walls.  One has a beautiful view of the courtyard.
This is a small show, and a different type of event for me.  I'll be taking some things that haven't been out before including this magnificent table-top jewelers case...

and these amazing early classroom charts

A luncheon will be available for purchase on Friday.  (Be sure to save room for dessert!)