Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Love Elkhorn

It was great to be back at our "home" show, the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market, on Sunday. August shows can be tricky, so it was especially gratifying to have such a great day. We really appreciate our many loyal regulars, and the new folks we met. 

It's risky to name names; I'll apologize in advance to anyone that I forget to mention.  It was nice to see Sue, Toni, Lory, Ensie, Lisa, Martha, Wanda and the gals from The Briar Patch.  Barb from Sister's Garden took home Kathy's sweet pink sewing chest shown in my previous post.  That's one of the shops I will not miss the next time I go to Iowa. 

We did feel bad for our friends who were set up outside.  Torrential rains followed by gusty winds made their day challenging.  I ran out to say hello to Candyce from Altered Ever After late in the day and she was still smiling.  She and Jill have the best creations!   On Saturday, I caught the Iowa Junk Gypsies setting up. They were loading their tent with great finds.  (Congrats to Anita on her news!)

Don't you just love that little goat wagon up there that I spotted outside?  If I only had a goat....
Some great corbels found their way into my possession, but I foolishly left these behind. What was I thinking?

This vendor had tables loaded with chocolate molds that he'd collected while living in Germany.  I've never seen so many in one place and they were delicious.

The glass on this old beauty captured my heart.

If you've never been to Elkhorn you have one more chance on September 26th.  The last show of the season is always one of the best.  Save the date and come see us there!


  1. Love that white cabinet with the glass doors! I heard the weather was wild, you are a die-hard.

  2. Those corbels were enormous! What would you do with them? hugs♥olive

  3. Your booth was wonderful as usual, it was a great show! See you at Lake Geneva!

  4. The weather was so crazy at Elkhorn - I was soaked for part of the day! I saw the chocolate molds at Elkhorn - so unique.


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