Monday, August 2, 2010

Kane County Flea Market and My Baditude

The needle on my attitude meter normally points to the positive but I'll confess that at Kane it leaned the wrong way for most of the weekend.  Perhaps it was my "neighborhood"; the soy candles nearby and imported shopping carts next to me. Or the guy on the other side selling t-shirts printed with code for a very crude phrase, which I listened to him explain all weekend. Or perhaps it was the lady early on that walked off in a huff when I wouldn't sell her two $12.00 items for $3.00.

At any rate, I've snapped out of it and am feeling cheery once again!  The show was a success overall and the good moments outweighed the bad; especially the visits from Terry, Marcy, (Haverford House), Suzzi, Polly, and the always encouraging Jeanine, (ChiPPy-SHaBBy!) and Candyce, (Altered Ever After).  Thank you all for the smiles you brought me!  It was also great to meet Sharon who owns "American Junk" in Lake Barrington, Illinois. I hope to visit her shop one day soon.

I didn't get a chance to get out and shop, but as I was leaving I ran into Anita & Judy, (Iowa Junk Gypsies), and  had a nice little chat.  One of these days I'm determined to shop their booth before all of their treasures are snapped up!

Driving home I had an unexpected "gift". Six hot air balloons were floating over the country side.  I altered my route until I ended up on a tiny country road and could stop to enjoy their beauty close up. It was a glorious sight.  I guess God knew just what I needed to turn my "baditude" into "gladitude" by the time I arrived worked!


  1. Great photos of the ballons Jan. The Lord knew just what you needed! Bless you darling one.

    big bunches of hugs ♥ olive

  2. Hi Jan, Sorry you were having "people troubles" at Kane! It's hard to be patient when your tired and hot! I'm glad those pretty balloons came along at just the right time to cheer you up!! Have a great week, JULIE

  3. "God Winks" when we need it... YOU most certainly did!*!*! Glad to hear you ended up having a good dollar weekend... YOU earned it!*!*! Your selling area was quite the challenge!!! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  4. Hi Jan, it was so nice seeing you on Sunday! I so love the two grain sacks I purchased from you - you have so many great treasures! Yes, there was a weird "vibe" at Kane Co. hopefully it won't be that way next time. The hot air balloons must have been a welcome sight for you! Take care, ~Marcy

  5. Hi Jan, Sorry you had a problem with some of those bargain seekers! They are out there. 3 bucks for 12 dollar worth of goodies??? Maybe 10 or 11 but 3??? Don't think so. Anyway wished I could have been there! I just finished making the " Mock Apple Rings" so I am done for the year. Those Hot air balloons must have come from Indianola, Iowa. They were having there Hot Air Balloon Festival Event last week end. It was a good thing you could view them---cause it made you feel "HAPPY"! My husband always kids me when I want or do something and I say It's makes me HAPPY! And he always remarks sweetly We want to make Miss Carolyn HAPPY! Hope you are having a great week and I will visit you again soon! Carolyn

  6. I don't blame you at all, I would have had a baditude, too!

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. I don't know anyone who goes to a flea market like that, looking for soy candles or crude t-shirts! I walk right past that kind of thing, on my way to the kinds of treasures that you sell!

  8. Hi Thanks for becoming a follower. I'm looking forward to following you as well.
    Aren't hot air balloons just so beautiful? Can you believe a few years back we had a few land in our front field? and we could frequently hear them fly over our bedroom early in the mornings. They used to take off just a few miles from our home. Thanks for reminding me of the fond memory.
    ~ Julie


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