Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Road Trip Savings - Hotels at a Discounted Rate

After a conversation with a friend this weekend, it occured to me that perhaps many dealers and shop owners are unaware of a great way to save money on lodging for business travel.  If you don't have a vintage pink trailer for your travels, you may be looking for a good deal on  hotels.  CheckINN Direct negotiates low rates with major hotel chains. You simply register on their site, and put a credit card on file. 

Is it worth it?  I've used CheckINN many times and my answer is "yes!". For example, recently I went to Iowa for a show.  I called the Sleep Inn & Suites which had been recommended to me and the lowest available rate was $99.00 plus tax.   I then asked to reserve using the CheckINN card  The CheckINN rate was $40.18 and with my plan, CheckINN charged my card for $52.95 which included tax and the $7.95 nightly fee.  That's a substantial savings.

Last week I took a little road trip and stopped at a Country Inn in a popular tourist area.  There were two rooms left and the lowest rate I could get by simply walking in was $114 plus tax.  I presented my CheckINN card and was later billed by CheckINN for $63.20, ($50 for the room, $7.95 fee and taxes). 

How it works:  Go to CheckINN Direct. When you need a hotel search for one in your selected area. Choose the one you want and make reservations if you like or simply show up at the hotel and mention the CheckINN card. You pay nothing to the hotel; they bill CheckINN.  CheckINN then charges your credit card for the room rate/taxes and a $4.95 or $7.95 nightly fee, depending on the plan you select.

To register on the site there is a one-time $9.95 fee. That fee will be waived if a member sends you a link with the info.  If anyone would like for me to send the link please e-mail me; I'll need your first & last name as well as the e-mail address you'd like the link to go to.  If you decide to join you can then send the link to your friends; there's no benefit for sending it, but I think we all need to help each other out in these tough times. I know we'd all rather spend our avaible cash on old treasures than hotels!  


  1. Yes!! I would like you to link me up...sounds like a deal I can’t pass up...Hope all is well and see you in Sept/Oct.!!

  2. WOW!*!*! Thanks sooooo much for this info Jan... I'll look into this further! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  3. Oh my I wonder if there are any of those in my area. I would love the info!! Thanks so much!!


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