Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Good Time at CREATE Artists' Faire

Thanks to Candyce from Altered Ever After for suggesting that I sell at the CREATE Artists' was a hoot!  It was too much to hope that Candyce & Jill would be nearby, but we could see them from across the room. 

(CREATE was an event in the Chicago area, sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, offering four days of creative workshops, with a three hour shopping event Friday night.)  My "junksista" Kathy wasn't able to share the show with me this time, but offered to go along and help. Bless her - I couldn't have done it without her!

As soon as the doors opened shoppers flooded in to purchase supplies for their creative endeavours and finished creations from talented artists. My best sellers included vintage ephemera, keys, charms, clock & watch parts, ad mats & cabinet cards.

By the time the show ended, we were starving.  Giordano's was nearby; the perfect place for a late dinner before heading home.  We decided we'd make points and take home leftovers of the famous Chicago pizza for our hubbies, so we each ordered a whole pie.  After the waitresss proclaimed  "You girls must be HUNGRY!" loud enough for the whole city to hear, we got the giggles.  (After the 'subtle one' had walked away, Kathy threatened to eat the whole thing just to give her something to talk about).
This is Kathy's deep-dish pizza...the leftovers!
Thanks for the memories, Chicago!


  1. Dear Heavens, that pizza! Jan I could never be in a room with it. Lost fifty lbs last year but it looks yummy! So glad you did well at Create. Happy Sunday! hugs♥olive

  2. Wasn't the Artists' Faire FUN?! Such a great group of ladies (and a few gents)all totally 'getting' the same stuff we 'get'...and getting a bunch of it while they were at it. Always fun to adventure out with you, Jan...Junk Bonanza should be a BIG chapter in the Junksista Journals.
    Olive- If I had eaten more than that one piece...well...I'd a found that 50# you lost.


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