Monday, August 30, 2010

A Saturday Auction

With so many shows this summer, it was fun to have a Saturday off to attend an estate auction.  The offerings were varied.  Two of the photos below show items that I bought; can you guess what they are? (I'll let you know in my next post!)

...and speaking of shows, Kathy and I have decided to share a space at Maxwell Street Flea Market in Cedarburg, Wisconsin this Sunday.  See you there?


  1. Hi Jan, What a fabulous auction. Did you buy the crow and the tiddedly winks game? Those stand out to me, but I love the mannequin heads. Al are great really :) Tamara x

  2. One of them was a street sign. The other I do not know. Hugs♥olive

  3. I sure hope one of them were those heads! Fab U Lous!!!

  4. Is there a prize?LOL The heads and the tiddly winks are my guess. Looks like you had a good time
    Take Care Ginger

  5. Great finds! One of these days I want to go to the Maxwell Street Flea Market in Cedarburg.

  6. Always wanted to go to the Junk Bonanza!

    Flora Doora


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