Monday, August 23, 2010

CREATE - This Week...Can Junk Bonanza Be Far Behind?

After a few days off to enjoy my son's wedding, (more about that another day), it's time to get ready for CREATE this Friday.  I'm looking forward to the Etched Mystery Window Pendants workshop that I'm taking on Thursday, but that leaves only today, tomorrow and Wednesday to get ready for the Artists' Faire.

The cubbies are just beginning to fill with little treasures that will go to CREATE and to Junk Bonanza, which is quickly approaching.  If the "show helper" fairy is at your place, please send her over here...I could use the extra help!  Here are a few of the goodies that are ready to travel:

Trade beads in wonderful colors...

and dozens of keys. Chances are we have the size you need.

Bus passes printed with fun numbers,

...and much more to come!

(P.S. The street sign does not have permission to travel to 
Chicago,so will stay here until Junk Bonanza.)


  1. I seriously covet that street sign...sighing. hugs♥olive

  2. Enjoy your creative weekend ~ sounds like it's right up your alley!!! ~ Bet you'll also make some GREAT new connections... Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  3. Can't wait to see you at Create and all of your goodies too!

  4. Looks like we're both at the same stage in life~ sons' weddings and Junk Bonanza! I need to buckle down and get ready now!!

  5. You will have your own personal show "helper fairy", Jan...looking forward to the show. Should be a more relaxing weekend coming up than the last one?


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