Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Santa and Saint Nick Books

I've been trying to ignore the huge Santa and snowman on the neighbor's lawn.  They've been all lit up like, well...Christmas... for the past two weeks.  Until then I'd been feeling a little proud of myself for getting my autumnal decor up before Thanksgiving.  Fact is, it's time to face reality. 

Christmas IS coming.  Getting together with family and friends to celebrate the Savior's birth is a few weeks away, but in the world of retail, time is running out.  It's time to discover what little Christmas goodies came home from local estates this year.   Over the next few weeks we'll show you some of our fun finds.  Here are two for starters:

This little Santa was waiting at the door for me. He's about 5" tall and was made in Japan about 50-60 years ago. He's rather serious looking, don't you think?

Next came a box; Santa posed in front of it for me.  Old Christmas boxes make great platforms for displaying Santas, elves, angels or what-have-you.  This one piqued my interest when I read the label.  "Child's Saint Nick Boot".  I'd love to see the boots that came in this box...anyone know what they looked like?   

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