Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easy Project - Embellished Town Names Cards

Do you have boxes of "schnibbles", small little treasures & bits of ephemera that have followed you home? I do. I love tiny things, but what do you do with them?  It's difficult to display them so that they won't be overlooked. This weekend I decided that I would give a few of them the respect that they deserve.

Several years ago at a flea market I purchased a vintage post office training kit. It consisted of a suitcase-sized wood box with dividers, to mimic post office boxes.  With it came boxes from various states, with hundreds of small cards with town names printed on them.

I went through the box from Montana and pulled out the cards with interesting names. Digging in my boxes I found items that would complement the names.   An old brass button with a horse head on it was the perfect match for the town of  "Hungry Horse".  "Rosebud" was a no-brainer; a shabby millinery rose and a bit of scrap.

 A small cowboy hat charm was attached to "Roundup" with 20 gauge wire and I couldn't resist using that same wire to make a circle to attach a round token to the "Circle" card.  (The token reads "For Amusement Only".) All items can be removed from the cards for another use later, if desired.  

This idea is easily adaptable to any tiny treasure.  Print or stamp cards with a word or phrase to complement  your item. Attach your "schnibble" to a vintage postcard or photograph.  Select items specific to your guests to use as place cards or party favors. It takes just a few minutes to make each one and the possibilities are unlimited. It's fun, easy, and you'll enjoy showcasing your smallest finds.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for becoming a follower. I went to your blog and the first thing I see is Hungry Horse Montana. I have a home about 30 miles from there! Blogging is a small world. I will be back to spend more time with you. I'm fixin dinner now.
    Enjoy your evening!


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