Sunday, December 5, 2010

Estate Finds - Little Treasures

An estate sale in an overloaded house is always fun for me...I love to dig!  
On Friday Kathy and I attended just such a sale in Illinois.  
After going through the house at least three times, we unearthed some fun finds.  
My first purchase was the shabby velvet painting of Kewpie, who I introduced to you in my last post.

On my third foray into one of the bedrooms I found a box with a pink silk baby bonnet, coat & dress. Tucked carefully in the bottom of the box was this sweet dress.
I thought it was adorable and it got more interesting when I saw the label. I have not been able to find any references anywhere to this line of clothing relating to the Quints; 
if anyone has info I'd love to hear from you.

Two WWI trench art rings that I purchased were made from French coins.  
They are each engraved "World War 1914 - 1918"

I adore anything that reminds me of the beach so had to buy a big box of shells & sea creatures. I also purchased a bunch of travel scrapbooks from the 1950s & 60's. 
I suspect that these were collected on one of those trips.
*Update 12/6.  See the brown starfish? It's g-o-n-e.
Heard Gracie crunching on something and went to check.
She was by the stack of suitcases where this was sitting and
there was not even a crumb left of the starfish. And,
she had the green one on the floor and was about to devour it as well.
The green starfish is my favorite.

 This toy iron is perfect in Christmas colors.

A match safe is attractive on this side...
...and on the reverse. 

Corrosion adds just the right touch of shabbiness to this elegant pen & pencil set.

Several old books with interesting covers came home with me, including this 1870's primer.

A keeper for sure, this is the oldest paintbrush I've ever found.

That's a sampling of what I brought home.  Can't wait for the next fun sale; they are few & far between around here.


  1. You found some treasures I see but the match safe is a good find. Thanks for sharing....TALLULAH'S

  2. Wonderful finds at that estate sale, especially that ring and the quints dress! Very slow going in the thrifting department here, and only found a few things at an estate sale. What am I going to do until the flea market and garage sale season starts again??!!

  3. WOW you did find a lot of great things!!! I especially love the baby dress and the old book!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  4. Wonderful finds, Jan! I've never seen a dress like that...I didn't realize they had a clothing line! I think I'll keep my starfish up away from my dogs LOL...

  5. These are GREAT finds. The label on the clothing is very interesting.

  6. What Scores!!! lucky you...I know how wonderful it feels to strike it rich at Estate Sales. Sometimes I wait in line for hours and once you get in, its rush, rush, grab, grab..rudeness. but sometimes...ah yes.
    Thank you so very much for the sweet mention of the Giveaway...stay warm..!

  7. Ah yes, that paint brush is awesome!!! They are so hard to find anymore. And like you I've never seen one like that!!! Too cool!

    But now let's talk starfish....Gracie! I need to tell you that doggie breath is not supposed to smell like dead fishies. That's what MY breath is supposed to smell like. So you gotta stop the starfish diet, k? I mean if the neighbor dogs catch a wiff of that fish breath....well you KNOW they are gonna talk! And that would be a hard rumor to smoosh! Stick with the dog biscuits - it's safer all the way around ;)




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