Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gracie's Cottage Goes Rummaging

I don't love to rummage as much as some of you do, but now and then an ad captures my attention and off I go.  Today I took off down a country road. This abandoned farmhouse grabs my heart each time I pass by.
I think of how proud the builder must have been when it was completed...
...and wonder what circumstances led to it's current condition.  A few miles further and I see that I'm approaching my first destination.
This looks promising.
A tent, a barn, and a yard filled with stuff.  I came away with a few little treasures and hit a couple of other sales before arriving home.  Here are the 'down & dirty unloading in the garage' pics of some of my finds. 
I know what this you?
These look much better since they had a bath.
What do you think?
Love this 'coo-coo' condo...three levels, probably for pigeons or doves. 
I'm loving bright colors this summer.
Blue, white...just right.
Just in time for summer fun.
and... this great industrial stool.   

I'm linking up with Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday -  let's go get inspired!


  1. Oooh, I'd love to come rummaging with you. I have no idea what that is, some sort of counter?? And I am in love with your bird house, so interesting. I feel like rummaging somewhere, but I'm stuck at home :( Tam x

  2. Well I do love to go junkin' (rummage!) as my children call it!! You found some great items!

  3. It's for keeping score, but I forget what game...I love it!

    And that farmhouse..........WOW!!!!

  4. You got some great items! That farmhouse though! Wow!

  5. I love your findings! I especially love the chair and clock!

  6. Hi Jan...the dove cage is awesome! Looks like you found some pretty cool stuff. I'm into bright colors for the summer too....I'm usually more into white???

  7. First...that old home is amazing.
    Second...coo-coo...coo-coo! That's the sound of me losing my mind!!!

  8. Great finds and I am coo coo for that condo too!

  9. Looks like some great finds! And the coo coo condo is just really neat.

  10. Looks to me like you scored some great treasures! I love, love, love that old farm house!

  11. Great finds Jan. The beads are used for scoring playing pool or billards. What's my prize? Margaret

  12. Great finds! Perfect rummaging! :)

  13. Great finds! Love that old chair and clock.
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie


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