Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lazy Girl Rocker Cushion

When I found this sweet old wicker rocker last week, I immediately threw away the ugliest cushion ever. She looked better 'nekkid'.

She needed a "cushy" cushion to sink into and I lucked out when I found a thick feather pillow just the right size at the fabric store.

 I turned up the corners and secured them with a stitch to 'round' the edges a bit.

From the moment I found her, I'd known which fabric I'd pull from my stash. This beautiful old flour sack. I was surprised to find it still stitched together along the side; most of the ones I find have been taken apart to ready them to use for dish towels or quilt pieces. (The sacks were only stitched along one side to leave a generous piece of fabric for housewives to re-purpose. And you thought your generation had invented girls, it's been going on for-evah!)  See how the corner on the stitched side (right), is rounded?  
I got my sewing machine out and stitched a matching curve along the other corner.
Wonder of wonders, my pillow form slid right in to the sack...a perfect fit!  I added a bit of fill to the corners and then folded the extra fabric over the back - (a bit like wrapping a gift). A couple of stitches secures it. 
What do you think?  She's very comfy now, and just perfect for a little lemonade-sipping-on-the-porch.
I'd keep her if I had the room. Instead, she's headed out to my space at the Waterloo Antiques Mall tomorrow.  Somewhere out there is the perfect porch, just waiting for her.
Rock on, red rocker...rock on!

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P.S. When I'm visiting a 'new to me' blog, I don't see the "follow" button along the top edge any more. Where did it go????


  1. I like the way you covered that seat, and I am sure she will find a wonderful porch.


  2. OMG! I am so in love with your red rocker, and the fabric you used for the cushion is just perfect. If you were close by, she'd be coming home with me!

  3. Love the red rocker...I just found a red wagon the other day. Someone left him out as trash !!! Eek, I had to rescue him...

    thanks for putting me on your side bar

  4. What a difference that happy cushion makes. Great find. I just found your blog and love your flea market style.

  5. Oh how I wish I lived near the Waterloo Antiques Mall because she is so sweet and would fit right in at my house.

  6. Oh, how I wish I lived near the Waterloo Antiques Mall because she is sweet and would fit right in at my house!

  7. OH MY! Wish I loved closeto Waterloo Antiques! I do love read! The flour sack material is peeeerfect!

  8. I recently found an old wicker rocker as well. Two guesses what I'm gonna do with it now!
    BTW...I have no idea about the followers thingy. I had heard it was going to go away, but I'm not sure of all the deets.

  9. I wish I knew where Waterloo Antiques is! I would swoop in and scoop up that GORGEOUS rocker! LOVE IT!

  10. The fabric is perfect for your pillow cushion. Love the old rocker, what a find. Smiles, Susie

  11. Love the rocker re-do, adorable fabric! I also noticed the missing "follow" tab. I believe you now follow a blog using either the "follow me" or Google +1 options (usually found in the sidebar). I'm not 100% certain, though....


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