Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Santa and Saint Nick Books

I've been trying to ignore the huge Santa and snowman on the neighbor's lawn.  They've been all lit up like, well...Christmas... for the past two weeks.  Until then I'd been feeling a little proud of myself for getting my autumnal decor up before Thanksgiving.  Fact is, it's time to face reality. 

Christmas IS coming.  Getting together with family and friends to celebrate the Savior's birth is a few weeks away, but in the world of retail, time is running out.  It's time to discover what little Christmas goodies came home from local estates this year.   Over the next few weeks we'll show you some of our fun finds.  Here are two for starters:

This little Santa was waiting at the door for me. He's about 5" tall and was made in Japan about 50-60 years ago. He's rather serious looking, don't you think?

Next came a box; Santa posed in front of it for me.  Old Christmas boxes make great platforms for displaying Santas, elves, angels or what-have-you.  This one piqued my interest when I read the label.  "Child's Saint Nick Boot".  I'd love to see the boots that came in this box...anyone know what they looked like?   

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Etsy - Buy or Sell Vintage Items... You'll Love It!

A few months ago my friend Pam of Vintage Girl Stuff encouraged me to open a shop on had known etsy as THE place to shop for unique and beautiful handcrafted items, but hadn't realized that vintage items were also eagerly sought and bought on the site.  In fact, it seems that many buyers and sellers of great old things have all but abandoned in favor of the more friendly

Selling under the name cobblecreek since 1998, eBay has been good to me and I have no plans to abandon it.  There have been massive changes there over the years, however, and ever-higher fees and more big-brotherish policies in place discourage many of us from making it our primary marketplace.   With Pam's prompting I soon opened Gracie's Cottage on etsy.  Immediately I felt welcomed into a community where my success is encouraged by management, where customers become friends and where other shop owners welcome newcomers with open arms.

If you've never been to I encourage you to make a visit.  Allow yourself plenty of time. The artisans and vintage sellers of etsy have beautiful and amazing things for you to see.  It's easy to lose yourself among all the treasures to be found.   Here are links to a few of my favorites to get you started:

Mouth Watering Juicy Cherry Handmade Soap  by Naturalynn  Perfect stocking stuffer.

Photo Bracelet by new seller JMFDesign  So pretty and would make a great gift.

Vintage Art Deco Blue Beaded Flapper Necklace by Vintage Girl Stuff  Flapperfaboo!

Vintage French Fish Pictures by  Petite Brocante  The French make everything look romantic..

Vintage Mercury Glass Beaded Garland from 32 North Supplies  Dreamy colors

Victory Songs Vintage Paper Wreath by  Simple Joys Paperie  I love the way she uses old paper

Eco Felt Christmas Stocking  by RikRak Unexpected colors & fun flowers - a winner!

Cottage Rose Felted Wool Handbag (pictured below),  by Seaside SirenI'm drooling!