Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bittersweet Finds...

Hey, it's been awhile!  Totally my fault, of course.  Is nearly 8 months too long between posts?  I've become lazy in my old age and most of my info goes right onto my facebook page.   Today seemed like a good day for a post, however. Anyone remember  this post -  "Old Stuff Sale" in the Big Woods..." from 2010?

Josie's sales were an annual affair, but in 2012 there wasn't one, and no one seemed to know why.  I was recently contacted by Josie's daughter, Angie, telling me that Josie had passed away in 2012.
There would be one more was the day. It was great to connect with Josie's daughters Terri and Angie.  (You can see their sweet Dad in the background.)
The sale was the same as it had always been; very well organized with all of Josie's kids, grandkids and even some 'greats' helping out.  Josie's special love was primitives and I found many old charmers.  The wheelbarrow would look great loaded with flowers.  With our late winter here, it's too early to plant so you'll have to use your imagination for now.
Who can resist a barn door, a table with a  galvanized top or frog musicians?  (Truthfully, the frogs are one of those things that fascinate me and creep me out at the same time!)  The old churn is about worn plum out and critters have been gnawing on the sides of it.
Here's a closer view of the aforementioned frogs, a Corticelli lap board for sewing and some unusual small sap buckets.
The old quilt isn't in the best shape but when I turned it over and saw that patriotic bunting had been used for the backing, I couldn't resist it. The blue stripes have faded to tan.
The Rainbow Dyes cabinet is a sweetie with advertising and doors on both front and back, with each shelf labeled with the color. The shopkeeper could just open the back door and reload from behind the counter.  User friendly!  Lower left shows two yummy camp blankets and a very worn wooden scrub board.  On the right, a pantry box and a bucket.

Josie's husband is selling their beautiful home and property; I'd love to see it go to someone who treasures it as they have. The cabin was built around 1846.   Click here to see more about the wonderful cabin in the woods...(and let me know if YOU end up buying it!)

Thanks to Angie, Terri and the rest of the family for sharing one last sale with us. I wish you a Mother's Day tomorrow filled with sweet memories of Josie.
Josie - 2010

Friday, September 21, 2012

Taking A Break

I've been a very uninspired blogger lately; I'd rather read your blogs than write mine!  For the time being, you'll find all of our latest info posted on the facebook page:  Please click here and "like" us to keep up with all the happenings! (Or cut and paste this into your browser:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Junk Bonanza - It's a Wrap!

Here's a wee illustration of 'my brain on Junk Bonanza...'  or more specifically, 'my brain the morning after Junk Bonanza'.  We drove home yesterday and as I settled in and took my jewelry off, I discovered that I had been wearing this 'pair' of earrings the entire day.  Ironically, there was an identical pair in my jewelry case - go figure!

Junk Bonanza was an amazing show in every way.  Kathy and I shared one 10 x 12 foot space; it's mind-boggling how much merchandise you can move through a tiny space when the crowds come to buy.  More often than not during the three days our booth looked like this:

The aisles were just as packed, constantly.  It was great to see many familiar faces among the buyers and I appreciated each of the blog/facebook readers that took the time to say hello.I think this was taken before opening on day two as we were cleaning and re-stocking.

My happy little redhead found a great home.

Schnibbles and bits were popular with mixed media artists...

...and we had a wide variety of old treasures for everyone else.

Outside the booth photo-taking time was limited but I managed to catch a few friends.  Janis was hard at work here...
...while Judy caught a very brief break.  Their booth was dreamy, as always!

Our sweet neighbors Janis and Lori manned three beautiful booths.  I missed getting snaps of the other great vendors nearby.

I've loved Itsy Bits & Pieces online forever;  Linda, (pictured below), and her daughter Liana and friend Kris have the best stuff.  If Linda lived in my neighborhood I'd  be begging her to come for coffee every day. (...Or stalking her to see where she comes up with all that great junk!  Sorry about that watermark right across the face, Linda!)

That's 'vendor wrangler' Jane of Oh Mustard Moon on the left. She somehow manages to keep smiling during the entire show, and spent loads of time helping many of us locate our Minnesota tax # when the 'enforcers' showed up one afternoon.

Here's Annie of Three Wren Street. She and her Mom Kathi(?) of All Things White had a great corner in the tent filled with some of my favorite colors.

I have more photos yet to be downloaded from my phone and iPad so will try to add those to my facebook page later this week.  We'll allow ourselves a couple of days to recover and then get to work planning for the SPRING edition of Junk Bonanza, April 18-20, 2012. Get it on your calendar now!

Thanks again to all who stopped in to see us at Booth 140 and a huge thanks to Ki and the entire Junk Bonanza team for the most successful show ever.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gatherings on the Blue - Nebraska

'The reluctant junker', (aka 'the hubster', 'mr. clean', 'cg'), graciously provided me with some shopping time while we were in Nebraska for a wedding. By far, the best junking moments of the weekend were at Gatherings on the Blue, an occasional sale in Milford.  (You'll note that my photos say 'Gathering' instead of 'Gatherings' apologies.)

It's described as a "5 Acre farm setting next to the Blue River which includes: barns, chicken sheds and out buildings filled to the rim with wonderful primitives!..."   I think they could shorten that to just read "Junk Heaven".  Judy is the owner and provides the setting for 25-30 wonderful vendors to set up shop.

The property was covered in cupboards, chairs, cubbies, boxes, gates, benches and tables of smalls. I was flitting around like a bee that couldn't decide which flower to land on.  And then there were the cleanest outbuildings I've ever been in, filled with more fabulous merchandise.

On my own, I could have spent hours there, but in the interest of marital harmony, I got through rather quickly.  Prices were reasonable and somewhat negotiable.  Judy and her vendors are all friendly and relaxed, making for a pleasant experience. They even have 'guards' so you can start a pile and not  have someone walk off with your finds.  It was painful to leave behind wonderful tables, shelves and cubbies but we didn't have room to haul anything big.

Here are a few of my finds:

There are five 'Gatherings on the Blue' events each year; I'm going to be dreaming about heading out there again sometime, (without CG and with a an empty truck!)

Did your weekend involve any junking fun?

You may not see any new posts this week as I continue to prepare for Junk Bonanza. You can keep up with what I'm doing by viewing the Junk Bonanza preview album on ,my Facebook page this week; I'm adding photos as I gather the goods!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gathering the Goods for Junk Bonanza

Let's see; what have I been up to lately?  A sweet grandson who just learned to walk spent all last week with me, I started a new 'just-for-fun' job this week that involves arriving at work at 4:45 in the morning, we're getting ready to attend a wedding that's a 10-hour drive away...oh and JUNK BONANZA is coming at us faster than a steer running away from a rope.  So how are things with you?

Look at the 3 1/2 foot tall oil painting up there.  I'm told it came out a bar.  If I had anywhere to start a Western collection you Junk Bonanza attendees wouldn't be getting a shot at it; it's just amateurish enough to charm the boots off ya!

Kathy and I are sharing one space at Junk Bonanza.  Be prepared to come in and look because you are going to see a huge variety of items packed into one small space. Here's a sampling:

It will be our great 
to see you at Junk Bonanza. 

Be sure to visit our facebook page where we will continue posting photos as we gather the goods!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Elkhorn Wrap-Up

Oh my goodness; where do the weeks go?  I can't seem to slow down long enough to get to blogging and reading all of your wonderful blogs.  I want to extend a big thanks to everyone that visited Kathy and I at Elkhorn last weekend. It was a beautiful weekend.
The best part of doing our 'home' show is seeing so many familiar faces.  We love the building we're in and our neighbors are the best, including Michelle & Don just across the way.
(Don wouldn't hold still for a pic so the doll sat in for him....)  Don't you love Michelle's green step stool? I had my eye on it but someone nabbed it right at the end of the show.
Down the way from us are Sarah and Dale of Antiques on Main in Reedsburg.  They have a great little shop up there and conduct estate sales as well. (Two of my favorite sales ever have been theirs.)
And look who came all the way from KS & MO to shop?  It's Miccia and Shelli, promoters of Junk Jubilee in Iowa.  Jeanine - ChiPPy!-SHabby!, in full shopping mode flashed by; other friends out shopping were Julie & Pamm of Fresh Eggs Antiques and Laura - The Ironstone Nest, Jill, Tammy & Janie. It's always nice to meet new friends like Nancy from Atlanta and Kellie who snagged the iron headboard for her first apartment. Way to get the decorating started in a charming way, Kellie!

 We also had a nice visit with Kimberly of Serendipity Refined.  Check her blog to see the houndstooth suitcase she nabbed from Kathy!  Our pals Candyce & Jill of Altered Ever After, Diane PassiLady Liberty, Janice & Judy Tapestries of Nature , and Courtney - Whatnots were all set up outside and for once the weather wasn't cruel to them!
As always, when I start naming names I'm sure to miss someone and I'll apologize right now if it was you.
We truly appreciate every one of our customers and friends that take the time to stop in.
...and now the clock is ticking and I must get back to work. Would you believe that we'll already be in the second day of Junk Bonanza in just four weeks?  If you don't see me here often, please do check in on my facebook page; I'll try to keep updates flowing there!
Have a wonderful weekend!