Monday, September 17, 2012

Junk Bonanza - It's a Wrap!

Here's a wee illustration of 'my brain on Junk Bonanza...'  or more specifically, 'my brain the morning after Junk Bonanza'.  We drove home yesterday and as I settled in and took my jewelry off, I discovered that I had been wearing this 'pair' of earrings the entire day.  Ironically, there was an identical pair in my jewelry case - go figure!

Junk Bonanza was an amazing show in every way.  Kathy and I shared one 10 x 12 foot space; it's mind-boggling how much merchandise you can move through a tiny space when the crowds come to buy.  More often than not during the three days our booth looked like this:

The aisles were just as packed, constantly.  It was great to see many familiar faces among the buyers and I appreciated each of the blog/facebook readers that took the time to say hello.I think this was taken before opening on day two as we were cleaning and re-stocking.

My happy little redhead found a great home.

Schnibbles and bits were popular with mixed media artists...

...and we had a wide variety of old treasures for everyone else.

Outside the booth photo-taking time was limited but I managed to catch a few friends.  Janis was hard at work here...
...while Judy caught a very brief break.  Their booth was dreamy, as always!

Our sweet neighbors Janis and Lori manned three beautiful booths.  I missed getting snaps of the other great vendors nearby.

I've loved Itsy Bits & Pieces online forever;  Linda, (pictured below), and her daughter Liana and friend Kris have the best stuff.  If Linda lived in my neighborhood I'd  be begging her to come for coffee every day. (...Or stalking her to see where she comes up with all that great junk!  Sorry about that watermark right across the face, Linda!)

That's 'vendor wrangler' Jane of Oh Mustard Moon on the left. She somehow manages to keep smiling during the entire show, and spent loads of time helping many of us locate our Minnesota tax # when the 'enforcers' showed up one afternoon.

Here's Annie of Three Wren Street. She and her Mom Kathi(?) of All Things White had a great corner in the tent filled with some of my favorite colors.

I have more photos yet to be downloaded from my phone and iPad so will try to add those to my facebook page later this week.  We'll allow ourselves a couple of days to recover and then get to work planning for the SPRING edition of Junk Bonanza, April 18-20, 2012. Get it on your calendar now!

Thanks again to all who stopped in to see us at Booth 140 and a huge thanks to Ki and the entire Junk Bonanza team for the most successful show ever.


  1. I'm home now after quite an airplane adventure. I miss you all already. Your space looked fantastic, and I hope you sold bunches.
    See you next year.

    Find me on:


  2. Wasn't it fun? You are so sweet! I wish we lived closer, too! Don't worry about that watermark...hides my dark circles...probably the best photo I've seen of myself at JB lol!

  3. oh I so relate to the brain on Junk Bonanza feeling. I think I yawned 25 times while shipping things at the post office today. hoping that by tomorrow we will all be a bit more alive.

    thanks for the nice comments and pic of Annie!

  4. Looks like it was one busy awesome is that!!!


  5. awww- this is fabulous! you are right- my mom is kathi :)

    great to see you last week!!!

  6. Every time I walked by your booth, I was rushing. Did you know I was selling there? I kept thinking I'll stop next time to say hello. I'm sorry that we never connected! I didn't even make it around the entire show. Next year, I plan to walk around and see everything after setup. My daughter did seek out your space - I had found some of your French papers for her last year. Guess I had 'bonanza brain' too~

  7. Jan, if someone noted your earrings they probably thought that you intended to be different. So glad you had a great and exciting JB show. xo, olive

  8. Jan, So much to see. I bet everyone thought"wow she's cool" with your earrrings. You may have started a fad. Glad you had such a fun time. Smiles, Susie


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