Friday, June 29, 2012

Red White and Blue in 'the loo'

Don't you just love the colors of July?  
My space at the WaterLOO Antiques Mall in WaterLOO, Wisconsin has just been re-stocked and loaded with red, white & blue.
See that old Johnson & Johnson cabinet in the lower left? 
It's very cool in blue!
Croquet mallets hold so many project possibilities.
If you've got the figure, we've got the swimsuit!
Someone did a great embellishing an old cabinet with red cross symbols.
This would be great in the beach house bathroom.
If you're a roller-skatin' cowgirl, we've got your case.
On the other hand, if you're a weakling, you can workout with these old dumbbells.

No, we don't really want to sell Sam; he just wanted to get out of the house for a bit.  Since we hate it when we find items that say 'not for sale', we've put a big price on him that will leave us with plenty of 'grieving money', should someone with deep pockets take him home. 
We'd love to have you visit our booth at the top of the stairs!
Waterloo Antiques Mall
255 S Jefferson Street
Waterloo, Wisconsin
10-5  Daily

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stepping Back ... Summer Camp

One of the highlights of my childhood was summer camp.  Last week I had a chance to give two of my granddaughters a similar experience and I'm happy to say they loved it.  Our church rented out an old camp. A group of our college students went up a day early, cleaned, and then ran the program. The only thing they didn't do was the cooking.  I worked in the kitchen, giving me a unique opportunity to be a 'fly on the wall' and be around  for K & K, who didn't know anyone there when we arrived.
It was like stepping back in time.  The property was given to a church in the early 1900s.  The church is required to maintain it as a camp, or it reverts to the descendants of the family who donated it. Times are tough and the little church doesn't have a lot of money to put into upgrading the facilities.

The structure of the old kitchen/dining hall is in jeopardy, and campers were not allowed inside.  We cooked and served from another building.  
Can you imagine the number of meals that were served here over the decades?
And the clatter of the old ironstone dishes being stacked after a meal?

Little cottages are scattered about the wooded grounds.
This is the ceiling of the old chapel.
From 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. the campers were busy.  Workouts, breakfast, chapel, electives, lunch, more electives, free time, snack shack, dinner, chapel, campfires, devos....  Electives included crafts, cooking class, kayaking, target shooting, games, drama class, newspaper class, first aid, survival class, fishing, and more. 
Between mealtimes, I had the chance to wander around and observe.  It was hot and humid the entire time, with no air conditioning anywhere. Yet the counselors and leaders were kind and patient, a living example of God's love for these children.  Here, K & K are shooting BB guns for the first time. It was hilarious...these city girls had absolutely no clue, but both managed to ding some cans with a little help.
I had hoped to be up for sunrise over the lake one morning, but didn't quite make it. 
There's something about a quiet lake early in the morning... peaceful
It wasn't long before the campers were up and the silence was replaced with happy chatter.  
It was such a treat to recapture the flavor of my childhood, and share it with K & K.  They had a great time and made many new friends; I hope that they'll look back on camp week as fondly as I do!

Did you ever go to summer camp?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elkhorn - A Great Time Selling and Buying!

Thanks to everyone that came out and shopped Elkhorn this past weekend.  It was so good to see all of our regulars and meet blog readers Michelle, (Vintage Remix), and Marilyn for the first time. Thanks for introducing yourselves!!

After spending most of last week at camp with a couple of my grand-girls, (more on that another time), I was left with three hours to pack for the show.  Yikes. Once there, I didn't get any photos of the show, opting to do some quick shopping instead!    
 A big stack of old gray sap buckets was a fun find.  At just 8 1/2" tall, they'd be perfect for centerpieces.  (I've made some available in my etsy store - here).  Some will be embellished with stencils and be available elsewhere soon.  I found a few other things that are headed for Waterloo tomorrow, but my favorite find of all is staying right here. I can't wait to get it all wiped down and ready for prime time!
This little old hand-made 'hoosier' is just five feet tall and has found a perfect home in my kitchen.  The top lifts up and has a divider for flour & sugar. There are  holes where the sifters used to be. I'm planning to cover the holes and store small vases inside. (Pardon the wonky photos - the corner windows in my kitchen make it nearly impossible to get good pics at any time of the day!)

The turquoise paint is the third layer.  Blue and a reddish-brown came before.
The storage underneath will come in handy for paper products and table linens.
You all know how I feel about the color, and the honest wear is an added bonus.
Such folky charm!

 There aren't too many things that I buy to keep, but I'm beyond thrilled to have this one for myself!
So do tell, what did you find this weekend?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lazy Girl Rocker Cushion

When I found this sweet old wicker rocker last week, I immediately threw away the ugliest cushion ever. She looked better 'nekkid'.

She needed a "cushy" cushion to sink into and I lucked out when I found a thick feather pillow just the right size at the fabric store.

 I turned up the corners and secured them with a stitch to 'round' the edges a bit.

From the moment I found her, I'd known which fabric I'd pull from my stash. This beautiful old flour sack. I was surprised to find it still stitched together along the side; most of the ones I find have been taken apart to ready them to use for dish towels or quilt pieces. (The sacks were only stitched along one side to leave a generous piece of fabric for housewives to re-purpose. And you thought your generation had invented girls, it's been going on for-evah!)  See how the corner on the stitched side (right), is rounded?  
I got my sewing machine out and stitched a matching curve along the other corner.
Wonder of wonders, my pillow form slid right in to the sack...a perfect fit!  I added a bit of fill to the corners and then folded the extra fabric over the back - (a bit like wrapping a gift). A couple of stitches secures it. 
What do you think?  She's very comfy now, and just perfect for a little lemonade-sipping-on-the-porch.
I'd keep her if I had the room. Instead, she's headed out to my space at the Waterloo Antiques Mall tomorrow.  Somewhere out there is the perfect porch, just waiting for her.
Rock on, red rocker...rock on!

I'm linking up with At the Picket Fence for Inspiration Friday
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Let's go check them out!!

P.S. When I'm visiting a 'new to me' blog, I don't see the "follow" button along the top edge any more. Where did it go????

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

North Shore Flea Today! Sneak Peek

I'm going to make this quick peeps, cause the flea fairy did not show up overnight to load my vehicle. Now it's after 10:00 and I've got to hop to it!
Weather: PERFECT!
North Shore Flea: TODAY 4:00-9:00 p.m.  
Admission: FREE
Location: Everts Park, Highwood, Illinois - Click here for details

Hope to see YOU there!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Letterpalooza at The North Shore Flea

Old sign letters are f-u-n and they've been a sub-specialty of mine for years.
Tomorrow evening is the first North Shore Flea of the season in Highwood, Illinois.  To celebrate the opening, (and the perfect weather!), I'm taking more letters than I've ever taken to a single show.
The North Shore Flea is located in Highwood, Illinois.  It's an easy drive from Milwaukee, Chicago and all of the 'burbs. Drive in or take the train.  The flea runs from 4-9 p.m. and admission is free. (Click here for the North Shore Flea facebook page.)   
I'll show you some of the other fun vintage things I'll have at the flea in my next post.  See you there!