Friday, January 15, 2010

Victorian Parasol in the Snow to Re-Purpose - Steampunk

At Gracie's Cottage, we believe that every faded beauty deserves a chance to be re-born.  This old beauty has lost it's handle.  There are moisture stains overall, the lace and trim has some tears and has pulled loose from the ends of the ribs.  We're offering this old beauty in our etsy shop,  Most folks would say that's in terrible condition and should be thrown away.

Still, the clever artisan can find much to work with here:

The purple velvet ribbon trimming the edges is in excellent condition. 
The dingle-ball scalloped trim around the edges is some of the most fantastic I've ever seen and much of it can be salvaged. 
On the upper part, the lace netting has a swiss dot pattern and much is useable.
The wide lace on the lower part is amazing and again, much could be used. 
Even the net rosette at the tip would be a wonderful adornment on your project, as would the brass ferrule on the end.
The shaft is a most daring shade of fuscia, and the entire frame with fabric removed would have a wonderful sculptural quality perfect for your steampunk inspired projects.

We can't wait to see what this old parasol becomes in her next life!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

To Keep a Symbol of Love - Antique Velvet Ring Box

The little objects I find touch my heart when I think of where they've been, or why they are less than "perfect".

This beautiful old ring box is a dreamy Victorian purple. I can picture a young bride carefully opening the box each morning to put on the ring from her beloved. For decades the motion is repeated; the hands are wrinkled, the hair turns white and still she treasures his gift.

The velvet is worn nearly to the base. It's not as "pretty" as it once was...yet I find it beautiful.   When I see  elderly folks I think of the little ring box.  Perhaps they can't present themselves as they would like.  Life has shaped them into what they are today and we need to treasure what remains.