Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Help is (not) So Hard to Find

The 'moving in' process continues at the Waterloo Antiques Mall.  As of today, most of the bigger pieces are in, and I'll be adding loads of smalls in the coming days.
I drove all day on Saturday to get this wonderful old piece.  It was used in a bakery to display the loaves of bread. What doesn't show in the photos is the wavy old glass that is all the way down on each side. I think it was worth the drive, do you agree?
On Tuesday, Pamm from Fresh Eggs Antiques gave up her day off to help me.  Not only that,
she brought yummy sandwiches for us!
It was a regular old party on Tuesday, as Kathy also gave up another day to help, and brought a delicious apple tart for our working lunch. I'm so blessed to have friends to help; couldn't have done it without them. Thanks Pamm & Kathy!
Although the mall is sixty miles from my home, the trip seems shorter each time I go. Once I'm set up, I plan to go there at least once a week to freshen it up and add new finds.
There will be a an event sometime in April when all of the exciting changes that are currently in the works at the Waterloo Antiques Mall are completed.

Among the happenings, I've learned that two of my dear friends will soon be setting up spaces of their own near mine.  I can't wait!
I would love it if you'd stop and visit Gracie's Cottage at the Waterloo Antiques Mall anytime that you're in the might just find me there!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Setting the 'Bones' at Waterloo

When you're setting up a new space, I recommend that you find a 'Kathy' to help you. 
My 'junksista' Kathy was kind enough to go out to Waterloo with me yesterday, to get the 'bones' of the booth in place.  I couldn't have done it without you Kathy - THANKS!
It's going to take several more trips to get everything in, but I hope to have most of it done by midweek next week.  
The entire mall is in a state of positive transition right now; many of the great dealers that have been there for years are moving or re-doing their spaces; you know these things take time, but when it's all completed you are going to be wowed!    I'm so excited that the terrific management and staff are moving forward with the times, and not stuck in the same ol' time-warp that many of the malls in this area seem to embrace.  

I'd love to know what you see in the malls and shops in your area; fresh ideas, or same as always?  Go ahead and name names in the comments if there are shops in your area that are keeping up with the times...better yet, go post a link to them on my Facebook page - click here.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gettin' Ready

I've been shopping the Waterloo Antiques Mall in Waterloo, Wisconsin for several years, whenever I was in the area.  The 10,000 sf historical building was the headquarters of McKay seeds.  The old brick structure with  gnarly hardwood floors and high ceilings is loaded with charm.   Though tucked away in  a quiet area, the mall has great energy and a stable group of dealers.  There is a nice variety throughout the mall.

I've been waiting since last year for a space to open up for ME!  Okay, not really for "me", but for Gracie's Cottage.  The 'cottage' needs a home that doesn't involve my loaded basement, garage or rented storage.  Now take a look at this space.  This will be the new home of Gracie's Cottage.  Pay no attention to what's in it - it's not mine and it's all going away.  Do notice the floors, the light, the space, the six windows, (with shelves)...  I love this space.  I hope to be all moved in and set up by the first of March.

There are a lot of other big changes and exciting happenings going on at the Waterloo Antiques Mall.
The good vibe is going to be even better soon!   I'll update you as it all comes together.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Buyers Just Wanna Have Fun

Driving - skating down to Grayslake for set-up on Friday night, I was really sorry that I'd decided to go.  The snow, ice, wind and bone-chilling cold made getting there an adventure, and unloading a test of endurance.
By the end of the day yesterday, after spending the weekend seeing fellow dealers, friends and chatting with my regular buyers friends I was glad I'd gone.

Lots of coffee got me through the weekend.  I took my camera on Friday but discovered that I'd left the battery at home. Yep. I forgot it entirely on Saturday and Sunday - it's shaky iPhone photos here today -sorry!  (Check out Room 363 - Mark got great photos of the entire market, including several of Gracie's Cottage)  It was fun to take moments to visit with  Pure Vintage Chicago/North Shore Flea), Rhubarb Reign, Altered Ever After, Diane Passi, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!and my great neighbors Heather & Gary and Bruce & Judy.

Saturday the weather was improved and the buyers came out; it was busy all day long.   It was nice to see Jen, Kelli, Kim, Mark-Room 363, Jeannie - The Gilded JunqueYard, Cindy - 24 Seven, and so many others. On Sunday, everyone was in a good mood.  9 year old Aidan and his Mom Heather have been buying from us for several years; they both have a great eye.  My jumbo card boxes found the perfect home with Aidan.

Courtney-WhatKnots and her Mom Carol stopped in to pick up an order.  Sorry for the fuzzzzzzzzy pic, girls!  (That's Courtney's Dad in the background, wishing they would get-a-move-on!)  Look at that full cart; you can be sure that WhatKnots is going to be featuring more great stuff!

It's always a party when Sue T & Toni show up with their friends!   "Turquoise Toni" got four of my giant letters - made just for her!   Above are Sue, Susan, Toni (standing), with Laure & Marilynn, (seated).  They get together for artistic endeavors - these gals are a hoot!

Thanks to everyone who came out and shopped this weekend.  Naming names is so dangerous for a forgetful soul like me, but please know that I enjoyed seeing y-o-u!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Grayslake This Weekend - Vintage Valentines & More

Good morning new Blogger dashboard.  Let's see if you feel more like cooperating when I use Chrome instead of Firefox.  (clicks 'preview' far so good!)   Remember to print this page off or pull it up on your phone for half price admission to the Grayslake Antique Market this weekend.
Today is load-up and head out to Grayslake day.  Of course I'll have tons of vintage Valentines; it's now or never people!
Those old heart-shaped candy boxes have plastic roses.  Quaint, eh?

I'm also bringing a bunch of letters like this because you just never know when you are going to need to hang your initial on the wall. That turquoise N is as tall as a small toddler!

Of course I've also put together my usual offbeat assortment of things to get you thinking.  I  have a couple of titles in mind for this grouping - what would you call it?

Now follow me on over to Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday...that will get you thinking for sure!

See you at Grayslake!  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shopping Marshall, Michigan

Written earlier this week - I was unable to post from 
Blog Press and am currently fighting with the new 
Blogger dashboard - yikes!
This week I'm spending a few days in Michigan, 
enjoying my 3 year old granddaughter while 
the rest of her family is at school & work. 
It was 
a long drive over here on Sunday. 
I decided that a little 'rest stop' was in 
order.  I chose to stop in Marshall; 
I'd been there once before and especially 
loved two of the shops; 
Amazing Grace Antiques and Grannies Attic. 
I found some great things in both shops, 
(pictures another day!), 
but by the time I got to Grannie's Attic, 
it was nearly closing time. 
I decided to spend the time shopping and 
didn't get any photos there. 
Please check out their 
Facebook page 
The following photos are all from Amazing Grace