Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bittersweet Finds...

Hey, it's been awhile!  Totally my fault, of course.  Is nearly 8 months too long between posts?  I've become lazy in my old age and most of my info goes right onto my facebook page.   Today seemed like a good day for a post, however. Anyone remember  this post -  "Old Stuff Sale" in the Big Woods..." from 2010?

Josie's sales were an annual affair, but in 2012 there wasn't one, and no one seemed to know why.  I was recently contacted by Josie's daughter, Angie, telling me that Josie had passed away in 2012.
There would be one more was the day. It was great to connect with Josie's daughters Terri and Angie.  (You can see their sweet Dad in the background.)
The sale was the same as it had always been; very well organized with all of Josie's kids, grandkids and even some 'greats' helping out.  Josie's special love was primitives and I found many old charmers.  The wheelbarrow would look great loaded with flowers.  With our late winter here, it's too early to plant so you'll have to use your imagination for now.
Who can resist a barn door, a table with a  galvanized top or frog musicians?  (Truthfully, the frogs are one of those things that fascinate me and creep me out at the same time!)  The old churn is about worn plum out and critters have been gnawing on the sides of it.
Here's a closer view of the aforementioned frogs, a Corticelli lap board for sewing and some unusual small sap buckets.
The old quilt isn't in the best shape but when I turned it over and saw that patriotic bunting had been used for the backing, I couldn't resist it. The blue stripes have faded to tan.
The Rainbow Dyes cabinet is a sweetie with advertising and doors on both front and back, with each shelf labeled with the color. The shopkeeper could just open the back door and reload from behind the counter.  User friendly!  Lower left shows two yummy camp blankets and a very worn wooden scrub board.  On the right, a pantry box and a bucket.

Josie's husband is selling their beautiful home and property; I'd love to see it go to someone who treasures it as they have. The cabin was built around 1846.   Click here to see more about the wonderful cabin in the woods...(and let me know if YOU end up buying it!)

Thanks to Angie, Terri and the rest of the family for sharing one last sale with us. I wish you a Mother's Day tomorrow filled with sweet memories of Josie.
Josie - 2010

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