Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Old Stuff Sale" in the Big Woods - Great Fun Today!

Kathy spotted the ad for an "Old Stuff Sale" a couple of days ago and we made plans to meet there this morning.  The location was near the little town of Eagle, on a narrow country road.  A small crowd was waiting at the gate.
What we didn't know was that this was an annual event, eagerly anticipated by the regulars. Just before 8:00, the gate was opened and everyone hurried down the winding driveway.
I was torn between my "touristy" instincts, wanting to gawk at the beautiful scenery, and the urge to dash on in to see what was for sale.  Dashing won, as I figured I could see the sights later.
What was at the end of the driveway was "Josie's Sale", and what fun it was!  This photo was taken long after my van had been loaded and many others had taken their finds out.  The items in the center of the driveway were purchases waiting to be paid for.
This is Josie, a wonderful lady who has been collecting for decades and offers her treasures just once a year. 
And what delights she has...planters, chairs, benches, wheelbarrows, birdhouses, signs, baskets, primitives....old paint, chippy paint, no paint - you could tell that she truly loves objects with character.

Josie's sale was so well run, with her husband, daughter & granddaughter helping out. You started a pile - they tagged it with your name and watched it so that you could keep shopping.  You had a question, it was answered with a smile. You wanted to check out, they were right there to tally you up.  And then, Josie's husband loaded the wagon on his tractor and hauled your purchases right to your vehicle.  Is it any wonder that Josie has such a loyal following?

I owe Kathy one for finding us such a great sale to attend. 
Thanks for a great morning Josie and family...and for letting me take some pictures of your beautiful property.
Next post, I'll show you what I bought.


  1. What fun... and looks like a beautiful setting... can't wait to see your finds.

  2. Nice Sale...Sweet!!! Is Eagle in Northern, Wis??? come on by , I'm having a giveaway..

  3. Thanks Jan for the beautiful blog about my Mom & Dad!!!!!!! The day was beautiful & filled with lots of kind & wonderful people like yourself!!!!
    We look forward to seeing you next year!!!!!!!! Enjoy your treasures!!

  4. Now that looked like lots of fun!

  5. Hi Gracie!
    I love it all from the antiques to the scenery to the OLD STUFF FOR SALE concept!! Very sweet! Look forward to seeing what you got :-0

  6. Now THIS looks like a fun sale...can't wait to see what you bought!

  7. Josie and her family were the model of country hospitality and the surroundings were my idea of heaven-on-earth. SO nice to have a junquing buddy that "gets" the same stuff I do...except when she gets it before I do :-). Will have to go into training before next year's sale so I can out-sprint you, Jan!

  8. Hi,
    We visited the sale today. Found it in the paper and WOW what a delightful experience! Found a couple treasures. What was left by Sat. afternoon!:) But what was absolutely thrilling was the "private showing" Josie's husband took us on, to see his property. We even got to see the Koi feed in their gorgeous pond. Waterfall and all! He told us about your blog and so that is how I found you! You did a wonderful job of describing this little slice of heaven on earth and your pictures are great. I too will be looking forward to next year's sale. :) Ready set dash.....:) a fellow treasure hunter, Christine


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