Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lamp Shade Frame Centerpiece - Glass Available at Elkhorn This Weekend

The Elkhorn Antique Flea Market is just a few days away now.  I'm sharing space with Kathy and we'll be in the Small Animal Building, Space 29.  Our booth will be packed with a wide variety of fun items.  We'll have our usual array of "schnibbles & bits" for our artist friends and girly, primitives and shabby finds for the rest of you.

I recently found a box of convex clock crystals in two sizes for large clocks and think they are perfect for making centerpieces or displays from shade frames. I'll be bringing them along to Elkhorn.  Here I simply dropped the smaller glass, (12 3/4"),  into the shade first, and topped it with the larger one, (14 7/8").

I apologize for the hasty photos; yes, those are raindrops on the glass. It's too gloomy for indoor photography.  Besides, I like to give the neighbors something to talk about when I run outdoors to take pictures!  In my photos the glass is just resting in the frame - in fact you can see that it's a little askew from it's hasty trip outdoors.  

I added a few ribbons and if I wanted to make this permanent I would affix the glass and finish the top & lower edges off with a ribbon border.  For perspective, the pencils are on the top shelf and the 'ice cubes', (glass buttons), are on the lower shelf. There are so many possibilities for this.  Lace & millinery flowers on the lower shelf with cupcakes on the top for a bridal shower, vintage baby shoes and a sweet vintage planter with flowers on the top...the potential is unlimited. 

Hope to see you at Elkhorn!

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  1. Make Big bucks this weekend sweetie!!

  2. That turned out SO sweet, Jan! A picture really IS worth a thousand words...

  3. That looks really pretty and dainty. That would be a great center piece in your garden.


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