Monday, May 10, 2010

Josie's Sale ...The Finds

"Never fall in love with your inventory" is a cardinal rule of retail.  Whoever made up that silly rule obviously didn't sell old things.  Truth is, I love everything that I got at Josie's sale.  Here are a few of my very favorite items. 

The chippy step stool and the small stool are two slightly different shades of blue that play well together.  

Would you believe that I almost missed the "Antiques" sign?  I never saw it.  A late-comer to the sale had it in his pile and decided not to take it.  I didn't even know what it said, as it was upside down and partially hidden, but knew that I wanted it.  When I was loading it I finally realized what it said.  (What can I say? I love old signs...)

 This sign was with it so I got it, too.  Gracie is looking for the Kruger's.  If you know them, tell  them that we've got their sign.
Here's a closer look at the two blue stools - 

Check out these crazy dudes; these are three of the five that I got.  They have a carnival/outsider/folk art vibe.  Josie didn't have any history on them but we all agreed that they are at least as much fun as the average guy!

This old bucket bench is perfect for the end of the bed.  CG asked if it is an "outside bench".  I replied that "it was it's inside".  Gracie likes it because she can hop up on the bed more easily now. 

I love the years of wear...

The funnel on the right is from Josie's sale.
It's a sibling for the one that I found a couple of weeks ago.

This big ol' primitive scoop is holding some feed sacks at the moment, 
but would be great loaded with flowers, towels or a multitude of other things. 

These are the highlights - come see us at Elkhorn this weekend to see more!


  1. Dang we got some great stuff...Can't wait to see you at Elkhorn...I'll make sure to let you know...

  2. Thanks for the visit Saturday, and hope you had a beautiful weekend!:) got some great finds! Enjoy!:)

  3. Hi Gracie!

    Wow, you got some great stuff! I am crazy about that Antiques sign, what a super find!


  4. HI! Just found your new blog Thu my gal pal Beatnheart. LOVE your finds of course!!
    AND "Never fall in love with your inventory" So very hard to do at times.
    Going to go click to follow you. Come on over to visit me as I am new also


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