Monday, May 3, 2010

Keen on Kane County Flea Market

The only regret I have about selling at the Kane County Flea Market this weekend is that I never got out of the building to shop. Driving through the grounds I saw rows of temptation and many of my customers were carrying purchases that I wished I'd spotted first!

My sweet  husband has a real aversion to anything that's chippy, rusty or dirty.  Because my show partner was busy at another venue this weekend, CG followed me down to St. Charles to help me unload and set up.  With only a couple of hours to get it done, I could not have finished without him. We were not quite ready at show opening, but snapped a couple of quick photos of the booth.

We met a lot of fun customers and I'm looking forward to seeing some of you again at Elkhorn on May 16th. It was also great to finally meet Jeanine from ChiPPy!-ShaBBy!  If you're anywhere near Cedarburg,  you won't want to miss her sale on May 22nd. 

With apologies for less than stellar photos, here's a peek at the booth.


  1. Great goodies! Looks like a wonderful sale!

  2. can you give me the lowdown on when to really arrive to shop?? Can I come in the day before when the dealers are setting up....Thanks

  3. Hi Beatnheart - If you are asking about Elkhorn I believe early buyers are allowed in on Sat. afternoons for set-up for $25; otherwise the show opens Sundays at 7:00
    Will we see you there?
    Drop me an e-mail at cobblecreek (at) if you're coming.

  4. OMG!*!*! ThaNk YOU soooooo much for mentioning my UpComing ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! SaLe!!! I'll definitely "Shop Your Booth" @ Elkhorn!!! Jeanine

  5. Hi Jan. I just found your blog via Itsy Bits and Pieces, and I think I purchased some vintage metal letters from you and your Etsy store around the holidays (sold to vintagevigg). I used the metal letters in my blog banner, and I love the way they look! Your blog looks fun and your "stuff" looks awesome! I am going to hang around and read some more!
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  6. It looks like a great show. I think I am going to have to make a trip to Wisconsin " to sse relatives". ( I'll just actually go shoppin"' !!

  7. Hi Gracie!
    It was nice meeting you at Kane and I see some pretties in your pics that came home with me :-))
    If I can get up early enough I just may make the drive up to Elkhorn! Was there only once years ago and got lost HA!!
    Love your blog and will be back again!

  8. I would LOOOOOVE to come and see you at Elkhorn! Everything looks just great. By chance will you be at Jeanine's sale? Good luck with the season!


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