Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goodbye My Pretties ... (Letting My Hats Go)

A few years ago I became obsessed with vintage hats.  It started when I purchased a portion of a collection of fantastic Edwardian hats. Soon, the closet was loaded with hats & hat boxes and there were full bins in my storage area. Kathy also had loads of great styles and we began to feature them in our space at the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market. Here's a snapshot from last year.
One of the best moments of that show was when a young customer named Chloe purchased one of Kathy's hats to wear in a July 4th parade.  Isn't she adorable? (It was fun to see her again at Elkhorn a few weeks ago!)

Hats have been good to me and I feel a little disloyal in saying that I'm going to let them go, in the interest of creating space for other things. While I still admire their beauty and unique personalities, there are other types of old things that are calling to me now. I'm realizing that having too much inventory can become a burden and stashing things away for "some day" is not the right course of action for me.

Our neighborhood rummage sale is  tomorrrow. My hats will be out with hopes that they will find new homes where they can be loved.  Goodbye my pretties...


  1. Oh I like them. Too bad you must say goodbye to them.


  2. LoVe the vintage millinery adornment on the black hat... Neighborhood Rummage ~ OMG!!! Too bad I have to work & get ready for Saturday's Flea Market!*!*! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  3. Great hats, but I understand...our tastes change and others can enjoy them!

  4. Hi Jan, I love hats too~they're always a good seller! I love the one with the cherries!!! By the way- I sent you an email about that sale I posted about- check it out! Love, Julie

  5. It's hard to let go! I know the feeling, I hope they go to a good home.
    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment for my grad.
    Happy Memorial Day to you and your family

  6. I can't keep everything I cherish - hats was one of them - I had fun then passed them on to other's that loved them... I do remember how thrilled I was when I found each and every one though! I'd like a plan one now - straw to go with my white - perhaps with a wide black band....hmmmmm Jennifer stop by jennsthreegraces

  7. I also have a stash that I need to let go, along with a lot of other stuff! Thanks for following my blog..Iam now following you. Rhonda

  8. you killing me!!! neighborhood rummage sale...I’ll take em all!!!


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