Friday, August 17, 2012

Elkhorn Wrap-Up

Oh my goodness; where do the weeks go?  I can't seem to slow down long enough to get to blogging and reading all of your wonderful blogs.  I want to extend a big thanks to everyone that visited Kathy and I at Elkhorn last weekend. It was a beautiful weekend.
The best part of doing our 'home' show is seeing so many familiar faces.  We love the building we're in and our neighbors are the best, including Michelle & Don just across the way.
(Don wouldn't hold still for a pic so the doll sat in for him....)  Don't you love Michelle's green step stool? I had my eye on it but someone nabbed it right at the end of the show.
Down the way from us are Sarah and Dale of Antiques on Main in Reedsburg.  They have a great little shop up there and conduct estate sales as well. (Two of my favorite sales ever have been theirs.)
And look who came all the way from KS & MO to shop?  It's Miccia and Shelli, promoters of Junk Jubilee in Iowa.  Jeanine - ChiPPy!-SHabby!, in full shopping mode flashed by; other friends out shopping were Julie & Pamm of Fresh Eggs Antiques and Laura - The Ironstone Nest, Jill, Tammy & Janie. It's always nice to meet new friends like Nancy from Atlanta and Kellie who snagged the iron headboard for her first apartment. Way to get the decorating started in a charming way, Kellie!

 We also had a nice visit with Kimberly of Serendipity Refined.  Check her blog to see the houndstooth suitcase she nabbed from Kathy!  Our pals Candyce & Jill of Altered Ever After, Diane PassiLady Liberty, Janice & Judy Tapestries of Nature , and Courtney - Whatnots were all set up outside and for once the weather wasn't cruel to them!
As always, when I start naming names I'm sure to miss someone and I'll apologize right now if it was you.
We truly appreciate every one of our customers and friends that take the time to stop in.
...and now the clock is ticking and I must get back to work. Would you believe that we'll already be in the second day of Junk Bonanza in just four weeks?  If you don't see me here often, please do check in on my facebook page; I'll try to keep updates flowing there!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That cubby is wonderful. So glad you are successful and busy Jan:}

  2. We agree that the weeks are flying around here too! I keep saying it will be Christmas next week.

    Thanks for the Elkhorn pics, wish we could have been there. Sounds like lots of fun shoppers.

  3. This summer has gone faster than in the past. Can't believe fall is just around the corner.
    Great stuff and I love a good cubby!


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