Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Trip! Baraboo Part II - Oak Street Antiques

Part II of Road Trip! Baraboo

While waiting in line for the estate sale to open, we met Jennifer Blau. Jennifer is the proprietor of Oak Street Antiques and invited us to stop by her shop, on the square in Baraboo. After leaving the sale we had lunch at the charming Garden Party Cafe, which Jennifer had recommended. Pumpkin ravioli anyone? Delicious!

Walking up to Oak Street Antiques we knew we were in for a treat. Located on a corner of the square, the historic building is graced with huge windows. The displays were show-stopping; a feast for the eyes. On one side, the Baraboo Button Club was showcased. An old machine for making shell buttons was the centerpiece of the display.

The corner window was a mix of furniture, architectural pieces and smalls, skillfully arranged so that they looked like they'd just fallen into place. Inside, the staging was impeccable as well. The large store has high ceilings and abundant light and Jennifer has taken full advantage of the setting. Each piece of furniture formed the basis for a vignette that incorporated smalls of every description. Hats, advertising, lamps, toys, glassware... it was all there.

When we walked in Jennifer told us of another estate sale in town that we should check out right away. With a promise to return, we left for the sale. If the first sale of the day was a '10', this one was a '1'. Items were strewn about the garage and in the house. Nothing was priced and the floors were covered with boxes of stuff. Kathy & I are not easily deterred, however, and dug in to find a few items to purchase.

We returned to Oak Street Antiques for a leisurely exploration of the shop and left with some small purchases, as well as more info from Jennifer on places to shop on the way home. By the time we had shopped the Antiques Mall of Portage and the Pardeeville Antiques Mall, my van was full and we had no choice but to go home...our 'golden' day had come to an end.

If you ever have a chance to visit Baraboo, Wisconsin, you'll find great food, historical attractions and Oak Street Antiques...don't miss it!

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