Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wacky Wednesday - Cosmos, America & Rooms for Tourists

Wednesday seems like a good landing pad for random thoughts. Here they come:

Cosmos -
Cosmos are the perfect species for a cottage garden. They are happy outside, without too much attention. Happy inside, plunked in a simple vase. Even though my 'cottage' happens to be a side-by-side condo, I have plenty of room for flowers. This year there are Cosmos and Black-eyed Susans. Cosmos and Coneflowers. Cosmos and Russian Sage... they go with everything in my purple-pink-white-yellow color scheme. They have just reached the height where I can see them out of my sunroom window. And they make me happy.

America - I love America! If there is a flag at an estate sale, chances are it's coming home with me. Red white & blue is a perfect color combo and there is always a patriotic collection on display here somewhere. When I see the flag I'm reminded of those who have sacrificed in order for us to have freedom. Freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to try and achieve the impossible. Freedom. I have never been so concerned about the loss of our freedoms as I am right now. The government that was formed to allow us to work toward our dreams has become the government of 'sit back and let us take care of you'.

I don't believe that the government owning our manufacturers is a good thing. I don't know of anyone that got a job due to the 'stimulus' that we are paying for. And I certainly don't want the government dictating my healthcare. Think of the service you've received from any government agency. That's what we're in for, in every area that is taken over by our government. I'm letting my voice be heard by those who represent me.

Rooms for Tourists That phrase just threw me right back to my childhood. Riding up Highway 99 in the 60's in the back of a Ford, (with no seat belts mind you!), we passed countless little motels or 'motor courts'. When I found this sign at a sale last week I had to have it. The business cards that came with it added an extra dimension: 'Rooms for Tourists with Bath'. Tomorrow you can read a bit about this fun sale.

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