Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kane County Flea Market - Update on Location

Arriving this morning at the Kane County Flea Market I was surprised to learn that I had been assigned to the Dairy shed. CJ again came along to help set up. Rain was pouring down when we arrived and the whole time we were setting up. The booth space was dry, but there was ankle-deep water in our parking space.

We had no choice but to take off our shoes and wade in to unload the van.  I only wish I had stopped to take a photo of the fiasco but it didn't seem all that humorous at the time.  I did snap this picture later; you can see the high-water mark on the tire.

By the time the show opened at noon, the rain had stopped and the crowd poured in.   Sales were brisk and we'll be bringing some fresh things in tomorrow to fill the empty spaces. Stop in and say hello if you come!


  1. Hi Jan, Sorry you had to contend with the rain setting up--that makes it such a pain! Sounds like your sales made up for it! Hope you did well on the 2nd day!! Take care, Julie

  2. Ooooohhh that water mark on the tire speaks volumes. Good for you having great sales. You're a trooper and I know customers were happy you were there!


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