Monday, November 8, 2010

From A to Z

Remember the road trip find that wouldn't fit in my van? 
I rented a big red Silverado last week and brought her home.  She's hefty, all metal, and measures a big 52" x 52" x 19"...too big for the spot I had in mind.  If any of you local dealers or customers are interested her drop me a note!  She's for sale, but will have to be picked up in Racine County, Wisconsin.  All metal and charming, she'd be very useful if you have a spot for her.

My friend Kathy went along to help pick up the cubby and hunt for treasures. We channeled Mike and Frank as we picked through four barns, two sheds and a trailer.  As it turned out there wasn't a lot for us. I've never seen more horse tack.  Sadly, the owner wanted retail prices so there were no stellar bargains to be had. If we picked up something that looked remotely interesting, she wouldn't sell it..."that's old - I'll have to check on the price before I can sell it..."

On the happy side, I did come home with more letters to love and I've been loading them into my etsy shop.
They have that great mid-century industrial vibe.
Some are faded...

...a few are rusty & chippy

...some are "hot" 60's colors.  
(In my 7th grade photo I'm wearing a sweater this color - yikes!)

and there's everthing  from...

...numbers too!

I'll be adding more of these to etsy as the week goes on, 
in between getting ready for Grayslake this weekend
and catching up on little things that need attention here in the cottage!
(I'll post a sneak peek of Grayslake goodies later in the week!)


  1. Hope you're minding your P's & Q's as well!
    Great stuff.

  2. It's a shame that fabulous cubby won't work for you! I can just imagine all the treasures that some lucky person is going to put in there. Maybe nothing but vintage fabric. Or pottery. Please only sell it on condition that they have to share a picture of what they put in it!

  3. That metal cubbie is fabulous...too bad it's so large. It will sell I am sure. ♥o

  4. I agree with Hilary...the cubbies are amazing!!

  5. The cubby is wonderful~ what a great size!


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