Sunday, October 31, 2010

Giveaway Reminder and Road Trip Finds

Hey everyone - time is running out to enter the Great American Grain Sack giveaway!  Enter by leaving a comment on the giveaway post.   Link to the giveaway post on your blog and note it in your comment for a second entry, and tweet a link to the giveaway post and note it in your comment for a third entry.  Easy-peasy!

Entries close at 8 a.m Central Time, Monday, Nov. 1st.  Entries will be numbered in the order they were received.  I'll then head on over to to generate the winning numbers and post the winners.  Good luck everyone!

Now, back to the road trip.  Our getaway weekend included only one junker. Me. So, I consider myself quite fortunate that not only did I get to shop at Gold'n Country, but we also went into Waupaca where I shopped 44 North and Dane House Antiques.  I chose my first purchase thirty seconds after walking into Gold'n Country:
 Isn't this a handsome cubby?  It's wood, clad with metal. 
 There's only one little problem.  It won't fit in my van. Who would have guessed? It's waiting for me in New London until I can figure out how to fetch it.  Fortunately, the rest of my treasures did come home with me.  I love these early locker baskets...
 made from "crinkly wire"...
...and these "cathedral window" tin panels.
The chippy gray paint is delicious.
Someone labeled this old classroom stool so it wouldn't walk away.
You know how I love letters. 
These hand-made goodies spell a special word:
In Waupaca I found another 'cubby shelf'; pigeonholes from an old desk.
You'll see it at Grayslake in a couple of weeks.
When CG saw me carrying this:
...he commented,"I really hope she didn't buy the rest of the dresser".
(If it had been there you know I would have!)
Those wood balls in the drawer are from Victorian porch spindles.
They'll look great piled in a jar or bowl
And there you have it - weekend treasures.  (Can't wait to see what YOU found!)



  1. OMG!!! looks like you went shopping for me!!!
    I love everything you bought specially the cubbies!!!
    thank you for sharing your treasures!!!
    best regards,

  2. Just pack it all up and ship it to Dallas! Love every cotton pickin' thing (don't let me get started on twisted wire). Would you believe I used to throw mail in a piece very similar to that first photo? That was way back in prehistoric times long before bar coding!

  3. Hey There!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog last week. I've been under a "spell" and have not had much time to visit anyone this week. I love your treasures. What fun!

    Happy Halloween to you. I'll be back soon.


  4. Love all your great finds! Lots of wonderful stuff!

  5. I have to say, I'm so jealous =). You have made some great finds. I love them all. Why Finland doesn't have any old letters. I have been looking and looking. Yours are beautiful!

    Hope you have a great start to this week!

    With those finds, I would... LOL


  6. Loving that ChiPPy Drawer - of course!!!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  7. Whaa...sorry I missed the giveaway...You know I would have wanted one of those sacks.! Your chippy stuff is great.. Tell your husband it goes for mega bucks here...My husband can’t believe it either until I tell him the piece sold in two days and I got $300 for it ...ah ha , we know our stuff don’t we girl...all the best, Cynthia

  8. That cubby is awesome! You have some amazing finds there.


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