Monday, October 11, 2010

Antique Classroom Charts - So Charming!

Hey dealer friends - raise your hand if you've ever saved something to take to a specific show and then forgot to take it.  I see you out there, and it's good to know that I'm not the only forgetful one!  Some beautiful McConnell's antique classroom charts came to me this past summer.  "These will be perfect for Junk Bonanza" I said to myself, as I put them away.  And then forgot that they existed...
Now that show season is over I'm concentrating on eBay and etsy and ran across the charts while gathering items to list.  They aren't dated and I haven't been able to locate much info on the company. I'm guessing that they are c1900.  They are worn, stained, and perfectly charming...
Were you wondering why birds have wings?  "All birds have wings so they can fly up into the air."
"The cats are nice"
...and adorable!
The colorful illustrations are well-done
 and nicely detailed

have a lovely Monday...and eat your fruit!


  1. Jan, the veggie and fruit print is just perfectly vintage. You have a lovely Monday! hugs♥olive

  2. I love these old charts....lucky you for finding them! You can just imagine an old rural schoolhouse with these adorning the walls. Beautiful images that's for sure~~

  3. Hi. Nice old charts. I think I remember the nervous system one :). I'm also working on setting up etsy and listings on ebay.
    ~ Julie

  4. I love those black and white charts! I buy stuff, gets put in the warehouse and I don't see it for a year or two, sometimes! My husband is the king of hoarders, so everything get buried! LOL! But I still love him!

  5. Adorable...i love them. Now I’m thinking Junk Bonanza! also great to look forward to something don’t cha think? cynthia


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