Friday, October 15, 2010

Buckle Up Baby!

Now that things have slowed down a bit I'm starting to work on my tiny sunroom again. It's been undergoing a very s-l-o-w transformation from a reading nook to a studio/office.  We're not yet ready for prime time, but I'll give you a peek at my old wallpaper table as I link up with Margo's Junkin' Journal for Show Me Your Industrial Chic.  
At 33" tall, it's a great height for standing or perching on a stool as I work. See that pile on the table? I've been working on sorting a collections of NOS buckles & belt tips.
They range from about 1/4" wide to 1 1/2"
I'm feelin' some jewelry coming out of the tiny ones...
This little tote is one of my favorite pieces.  At the moment it's holding old watch parts.
It's easy to pick through it to pull out whatever I'm seeking.  
Speaking of watches...does anyone know how to use this old bronzing powder? It seems that there must be some great possibilities here..
 The little green parts bin is great for storing tiny items, and everything else gets tossed into the locker basket when a quick clean-up is called for.
There you have it, my bit of industrial fun. Now have a great weekend and don't  forget to check out Margo's Industrial Chic party!


  1. Hello
    Wow, I love that table!!! and you have such great ideas to hold your treasures in! That is exactly what I look for at the fleamarkets! It is fun, isn't it?
    Blessings today

  2. Such a great industrial table, and I love all your little bits. Those green drawers are divine.
    Thank you for coming to my linky party, it's such fun.

  3. How fun all of your things are. I am glad I stopped by.

  4. That is a cool industrial table. Good working height. Have a great weekend Jan!

  5. What a fabulous table....and so clean! I can see that making a great work surface. Also loving all the watch parts. They make a statement just sitting in the tote.

  6. oh, I would have so much fun at your place ... all those little bits and pieces to sort through. Wow!

  7. Oh Jan I am LUSTING over that table of yours in a GREEN eyed monster kinda way....That table ROCKS Lovey....If you're ever going to part with it you'll have to let me know....I would SWIM it back to Australia if I had to....hahahahaha....!!

    Love all your watch & clock bits....!

    Have a SUPER weekend....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. Dad spent a few years as a paper hanger....would love to have his table now!!

  9. WOW! In all the years of watching "her" do antiques I have only ever seen two wallpaper tables - your's is the second! Great piece and oh yes, so VERY functional!!!

    Bronzing powder eh?!? Hmmmmm.....not heard of that one. Purrhaps, they used it in ancient time to cover statues of cats and dogs?!!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Romeo and "her"

  10. Hi Jan, I would love that fabulous table in my craft room!! I'd have it full of junk in no time!! Like all your little itsy bits and pieces too! Take care, Julie

  11. Wallpaper tables are one of my favorite things. I've always dreamed of having an area big enough to house one, but sadly living in a shoebox doesn't allow it. I always end up selling them! Yours is wonderful.

  12. Hey... I need that wallpaper table to display my sorter on... ha ha! Thanks for stopping by. One of these days we'll run into each other again. I'll be in Rock Island for the Antique Spectacular the first weekend in November... you should come see me :0)

  13. Gracie I adore your treasures!! You must see this...

    I have a new Giveaway from Metis Linens, do come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  14. Gracie,

    Hello! I just found your blog and had to leave a comment. I unfortunately missed Margo's event since I was on vacation and am loving all of the posts and inspiration regarding industrial style. I'm especially loving your wallpaper table and I have been looking for one for some time now and have yet to come across one;(

    I will keep stopping by and check in, love your stuff!!



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