Monday, October 25, 2010

My 'Type' of Auction - Letterpress Fun

Letters and 'em!  It's been awhile since I've found any fresh ones to offer my etsy buyers.  At a Saturday auction I found mid-century letterpress type from the estate of a gent that had worked for JC Penney.
There are numbers

 lower case letters

 UPPER CASE letters

...and fun descriptive words like Nylon and cotton.
The dreaded Polyester even makes an appearance!

What was your favorite find this weekend?  

***Watch for our next post this week - we are getting ready for our first ever giveaway! 


  1. Love those letters too. I will be posting my favorite find for White Wednesday. I am so excited to share:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. I could probably spend hours happily playing with all those letters! My favorite find from this weekend is probably the quilt I'll be showing tomorrow!

  3. Love the new header! I found Delft at an estate sale and a vintage lamp at a yard sale that is fabulous. I am going to have to start selling soon Jan or something cause I love the hunt.

  4. Just LOVE all of those letters....they really make for a cute picture for your header.
    My dad was a typesetter at a printing company for many, many years so I have a real love for letterpress, printer's drawers, etc.
    I'll be sure and check out your etsy.

  5. You really "lettered" this weekend in the sport of junk!

  6. Love the letters and love the new header.Great find, I'll look fro them on etsy need to find more G's & h's I scatter them all over the house.
    I was pleased to meet Gracie the other day she is a real beauty,give her a special hug for me


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