Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poe - The Princely Steampunk Altered Art Crow

 Poe has been traveling to antique shows this fall and is now finished with the circuit. He's been the "goodwill ambirdador" for our booth and has made many friends along the way. Now he's looking for a quiet nest where he can enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

You'll find Poe to be a most gracious family member. As a prince, his manners are impeccable. See how considers the "moldy" pumpkins without selfishly rushing in to grab one?
Poe is an authentic vintage life-size paper-mache crow decoy. Check out his soulful glass eyes. Everything he wears is from the royal attic; (no self-respecting member of the steampunk ruling class would stoop to buying 'new').

Crows love bling, and Poe is no exception. His huge rhinestone necklace is, of course, his favorite accessory. Notice the clock hand dangling from the back of it; a gentle reminder to him not to be late for his princely appointments.
The ragged cape is vintage crepe paper, while his silverplate crown was once used at state dinners as a napkin ring, (Crowbama may even have used it!) It's been embellished with watch parts and more of his beloved jewels.
Poe and the "moldy" pumkins are currently available in our etsy shop.

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  1. Oh Jan he's TOO cute....How can you part with him.... :o) !!

    ....hahahahahaha....Don't know if you're following your stats but your mannequin page must have a ZILLION hits by now....I've been stalking her ruthlessly....!!

    Here's hoping your weekend is WONDERFUL....!

    Cheers for now Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)


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