Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is It Spring Yet??

Sadly, not here!  Snow is falling...again.
But I did find this yesterday.
 It's an old canvas soaker hose
(See those tulips in the background?
I couldn't resist bringing them home from Trader Joe's)
The hose is all wound up on a chippy green reel.
I can hardly wait for "gardening season".


  1. TIME FOR SPRING!!!! We are getting ice this morning and I am really tired of the -9 degrees below zero here in Iowa.
    Thanks so much for sharing that ADORABLE Garden Hose...gets me excited for will be here soon...YIPPY!!!
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  2. Hey I love that hose....and you live near a Trader Joes...thank heavens for that...where is it?? Milwaukee??

  3. Me neither! A trip to Trader Joes is in order for me I think. Nothing more spring like than tulips. If only it would stop snowing here too! Keep warm!

  4. I am thinking about the garden too. I bought hollyhocks to plant after the last frost!

  5. Spring...what is that?

    Snow here yesterday, more tomorrow....ugh!

  6. We can dream, can't we? Fun photos!


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