Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank You Grayslake Shoppers! ...and Giveaway Alerts

 A BIG 'thank you' to all that stopped by my 
booth at Grayslake this weekend.
I don't ever recall a show where I've talked 
with so many blog followers and fellow bloggers, 
(meeting some of you for the first time),
 as well as past customers.
If I start naming names this would be a long post
and I'm sure I'd leave someone out.  
Please know that I truly appreciated each of you that stopped by.
The weather was nice and the attendance was good.
The show played itself out a bit differently than the norm for me,
with Saturday morning sales leaning 
toward the inexpensive items.  (I love having
something for everyone in my booth, but 
it does take a mix of items to make a good show!)
Saturday afternoon and Sunday sales were great so it 
ended up being a good weekend.
I've got suitcases full of Valentines and devoted
a table to them this weekend. 
Folks had fun choosing the right one for their 
loved ones.  
Vocabulary cards always bring traffic into the booth.
I've got a good supply at the moment and will
add some to my etsy shop soon.
 The scary baby head is gone, and so is the locker basket.
Some of the tix and the carny punks 
are still available. 
I snapped a quick photo in the ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!
booth during set-up. Jeanine's staging
is always beautiful.
Jeanine was next to Diane Passi.
These two look great in the same neighborhood!
Diane also has a great eye and a knack for finding
the most amazing things.  
Joe & Sandy of Rhubarb Reign arrived a bit
later during set-up and I never got out to shop
their booth. Bet they'll have a report on their
blog soon - check it out!

Switching gears...
I need to alert you to some fun giveaways.

is giving away one of those amazing necklaces
made by our friend Jill of Altered Ever After.

has put together a sweet package on her blog

Julie from Junkin' Julie 
has made a beautiful button bracelet and is
including it in her giveaway.

It's starting to feel like Christmas all over again!



  1. Hi Jan, So glad you gals had such a good show this weekend!!! Makes all the hard work worth it!! THanks for mentioning my giveaway and I'll make sure your name gets thrown in the hat a couple times! You're one of the people I met through my blog and so glad I did!! Julie

  2. you are so brave selling and setting up in that winter weather. Hope to met up at Elkhorn sometime this next season...

  3. Your Valentines are so pretty as are the vintage clothes. So glad you had a great weekend.

  4. Glad the weekend went well for you. I love the Valentines they have so much color it just makes me happy looking at them.
    Take care and stay warm there's still alot of winter left Ginger

  5. Hi Jan, So good to here your show was a sucess! Thanks so much for the positive comments , it really means a great deal! Diane

  6. Hellloooo Jan... Thanks so much for the pic & link!!! Nice to exchange a bit of "chit-chat" while on the run... Great Show!*!*!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  7. Those carny punks are a hoot. I can't believe you didn't sell those first thing!
    Glad you had such a rewarding more ways than one.

  8. OH I'd love to shop your space! Love the flashcards... ting-a-ling? too great! Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway!


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