Tuesday, February 8, 2011

White Wednesday - A New Favorite Photo Background

This is about the time of year that CJ gets tired of hearing "I hate winter", (coming from moi). I keep checking the mailbox, hoping that someone has magically sent me tix to the Bahamas or any warm locale, but so far....    :(

Tossing a few of my etsy items into the snow for their portrait sessions has provided an unexpected bit of winter fun. I like the way the light plays off the snow, and the way bits of snow cling to some of the items.  
I'm linking up with the lovely Kathleen over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday.
Head on over there for truckloads of wonderful whiteness!


  1. Cute Stuff! Love your blog! I am following and I want to come back and visit later after I stop by some of the other WW posts. :)


  2. Great photos! The snow makes for a great backdrop!!

  3. Your Blog looks amazing!!!
    Happy white Wed.
    xx Liz

  4. Those photos look amazing with the snow as background. Great idea! You know I like the 25 cent piece!

  5. Fabulous (and I'm with you on whining about the snow...main reason I no longer live in it!)...LOVE the blog header with the family photos!!! Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

  6. Great idea...the photos look fabulous!!

  7. The "snow" pictures are wonderful...great white background for the vintage treasures. I love the new border and the ancestorial touch!

  8. While the snow looks good as a background, I'm pretty sick of the stuff!! I need sunshine! And we are supposed to get more of the white stuff today! :( Oh well! Love all the things setting in the white stuff!

  9. You are brave to be taking pictures in this cold!
    I might have to go to Grayslake ~ where are you located?

  10. Who would have thought that snow was good for something! Your photos are lovely!

  11. Beautiful design! And isn't it funny how we love White Wednesday but we're all sick of the white outside??? LOL, this too shall pass.


  12. So beautiful. Love this post.

    barbara jean

  13. Oh I agree with Jane Lovey....The snow makes for a PERFECT backdrop....I LOVE your Treasures & SQUEALED out loud now when I saw the crinkly wire office file tray as I just so happened to find one in the Hard Rubbish this week JUST LIKE yours....YAYYYYYYY US....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)


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