Monday, February 7, 2011

The Big Reveal...New Blog Design

Thanks to Karen at Valentine Design, there's a new look to my blog.  
Karen was great to work with!
These are my grandparents on Dad's side.
I adored them.
 Grandpa Harry died when I 
was just four, but I have loads
of great memories of him...
I still have the Bible he gave me for
Christmas; it has my name stamped in gold
Grandma took care of us a lot when Mom
was working.  She was always happy,
or if she wasn't we never knew it.
Her favorite song was "Oh Happy Day".

I asked Karen to incorporate these photos into
the header; I love the way it turned out.

**Show alert:  I'll be at the Grayslake Antique Market in Illinois this weekend.
My friend Kathy will be sharing the booth with me so you
know it will be packed with goodies.
I'll post a preview later this week, with half-price admission info.


  1. It's fantastic!! So wonderful to use all these great photos of loved ones!

  2. Great new design (liked the previous one too! We are delivering new items to Farm Girl on Thursday and will be in Grays Lake to see you on Saturday!!

  3. Jan, I love the way the family photos are placed in the new header. Well done. ♥O

  4. Jan, So sweet that you incorporated those photos in your header--love it!! I have been toying with the idea of getting a professional look for my blog, but am so restless and need a change so often, that i don't know if I want to settle for just one and pay for it too!! We'll see! So much pressure when I see how lovely yours turned out! Julie

  5. Love the new look! It's fun to change things up!Of course, being a lover of "old" things draws my attention.


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