Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going Home

We spent the past few nights in my childhood home in California. My brother & his wife own the place now and I hadn't stayed in my old room in decades. The land that used to be pasture is now planted with a young walnut orchard.

The trees, along with the gardens my s-i-l nurtures give the property a real sense of sanctuary. I love how she loves the land. (She's also makes killer jelly from these pomegranates!)

A chicken coop is a new addition and the residents roam the yard.

The old barn that sheltered the sheep and calves that I raised is feeling it's age...

I still think it's beautiful.

I'd forgotten how spiders proliferate in a warm climate. I'm not a fan.

Daisy rules the trampoline while Rocket spots her.

These two entertained us daily.

...and I was tempted to sneak Rocket into my luggage and take him home.

Have you gone "home" lately?


  1. The above post comes with apologies for typos & errors. Blogging via iPad isn't coming easily! :)


  2. I really don't have a home to go to. My family was military and we moved every few years. The last home that I lived in with my parents we didn't move into until my senior year in high school so it's not really home.

  3. so pretty- thanks for sharing

  4. Our "family farm" is in the process of being sold. It will be the first time since before the turn of the century it wasn't owned by a family member. Hurts.


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