Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Is This Woman and Why is She Wearing Pearls? Junk Bonanza Sneak Peek

Mysterious lady alert!
It looks like she tried to cut off her nose to spite her face...

 ...and when someone asked her for a hand, she gave it to them.

 Turns out she's a model for Fruit of the Loom!  She's wearing a sample dress.  How cool is that?   And all along, I thought they just made skivvies, represented by those wacky guys running around in tights wearing fruit costumes.  Check out the Small Earth Vintage blog to see a real life FOTL dress. Cute!

I think we should give her a name, before she gets packed up for her appearance at Junk Bonanza.
Any ideas?  (No prize for coming up with a name we adore, but if you want to win something you should be entering our giveaway!)

If you want the scoop on what else we're taking to Junk Bonanza check out our Facebook page...we'll be posting pics there regularly.


  1. Great find Jan...she is wonderful!

  2. Well bless her heart! She's a beauty, but definitely had a tough life, looking very stylish tho!

  3. One to many xanex!!!! LOL I love her.

    My sister was having a bad day and I found this 1 armed trashy looking barbie doll in the attic and I gave it to her and said. "Your day's not looking that bad to somebody". Oh we still howl about that
    Thanks for the memories

  4. She's a little spooky but has great eyes.

  5. Forgot the name suggestion How about STELLA!!!!!!


  6. "Clara" came
    to mind and my,
    she's a sweetheart!!
    xx Suzanne

  7. I love this--what an amazing find! She's had a tough life, obviously, but her dress is fantastic.

  8. Nosy Rosie popped into my head first. She really does believe in lending a helping hand doesn't she?
    Just goes to show you can't keep a good woman down.

  9. Please tell me that you're going to keep her, because she's fantastic! She's got such a pretty face, and she's looking kinda June Cleaver-ish in that dress and pearls, so I'd call her June!

  10. I love her!
    awwww poor thing with a missing arm and a bumped nose....that's it! i would call her 'Candy' as in ARM Candy lol!
    Love to you xxxx

  11. Okay, Jan, you asked for it...her name MUST be Helen. Considering her "injuries"...Helen Back.;-)


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