Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got Staff?

Some days I wish I had household staff.
 They would be quiet, efficient and attend to my every need.
 My laundry would be done and each morning my clothes would be laid out for me.
 There would be someone charged only with planning menus, shopping, cooking & serving.
The newest member of my staff would be assigned to cleaning. She'd be a natural, keeping the house spotless.  Yep, my household would run like a well-oiled machine... if I had a staff.  Would you like to have household staff?  (The professional ladies above are currently available in my etsy shop)

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  1. I wish I had an inside staff so I could be outside all day working in my studio.

  2. and i'd gather my staff and take their photo so they'd feel special before i made them get back to work LOL

  3. Reminds me of that phrase in Psalms 31 about "servant girls" I always think where are they?

  4. Brilliant! You are very witty...these are fabulous!


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