Sunday, September 4, 2011

Timeless Treasures - Letters & Numbers in San Francisco

In San Francisco recently, we took a moment to pop into Timeless Treasures.  Why?  Because it's the coolest little shop for a letter-lovin' vintie, that's why!  Before we could go there, we had to stop for a quick lunch at the wharf. Not this:

...but this.  Yum!

 Timeless Treasures is just two or three miles from the wharf. Uphill.

I was trying to help navigate and snap iPhone pics at the same time.  The architecture of the city floors me every time we visit.

Once we arrived at the shop I was in letter heaven. 
Every size, shape, font, and color imaginable was here.
 Neatly organized...
 ...and creatively displayed.
 Other fun items were mixed in.
 The shop's owner, Joan, wasn't in the day that we visited, but we enjoyed chatting with Jenni. Now that we know how easy it is to find Timeless Treasures, I'm sure we'll return on our next trip West!   

 ** I've just unpacked some letters & numbers that I found elsewhere in California and loaded some into my etsy shop for you!  Others will be making their way to Junk Bonanza with me.

Speaking of Junk Bonanza, I can hardly believe that we'll be loading the truck and heading out just a week from Tuesday.  There is SO much to be done here and you may not see many posts between now and then.
I will do my best to post sneak previews on Facebook...check it out!


  1. That store looks super interesting. I'll have to check it out next time I go to San Francisco. Normally I'm in a sour dough bread stupor... and not really thinking about finding unique stores lol

  2. love your cheery new look...That store in Frisco looks wonderfu...Wishing you all the very best..

  3. Girl you sure do get around! I am going to CA to see a friend in November and shopping tips?
    Good luck at JB I am sure you will sell a ton!


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