Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Love Token for Christmas...-and, anyone near Schaumburg?

Remember the love token collection I posted about earlier this year?  (Click here to read the original post.)
I hadn't found any of these romantic coins until last week when one very special token appeared.
Love tokens typically have one side that was filed down so that they could be embellished with initials.
This one  had both sides filed down...
...so that the occasion could be noted.  "Xmas '90".  That would be 1890.  While I'm not a fan of "Xmas", I can certainly understand how it would be difficult to include "Christmas" on the surface of a dime!

(Sad isn't it, that the only Christmas photo I can show you is this beautiful old token.   There is nothing else in my home yet to indicate that the season is here!  Pathetic!  The past two weekends included out of state trips for family events and my weekdays are just flying by. Tomorrow has been designated for a long awaited trip to Ikea.  I'm up after midnight because the refrigerator is howling like a banshee and I've just transferred everything that matters down to my little freezer...just in case it gives up the ghost tonight.  I suppose Christmas will come whether my home is looking lovely or not; it wouldn't be the first time!)
I'm linking up with Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday because, my goodness, there isn't much that's thriftier than was the 19th Century gent that turned a humble dime into a beautiful token of love.

(Remaining love tokens are available in my etsy shop


  1. Those are so interesting ! I don't think I have ever seen one before. I took a little tour at your etsy to see the rest of them. So unique.

  2. I never liked xmas, until I learned that it was first used by Christians, and the "x" was actually an early way of writing Christ. The abbreviations "xian" and "xianity" were also used. Now I like it, but most people don't understand. So I use it in my own notes now, when I never could bring myself to abbreviate Christmas before.

  3. What a gorgeous token, did you manage to find one with your initials yet?

    Enjoy your weekend, Tam x


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