Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shopping Columbus & Pardeeville...and a Big Sale!

First of all, the big sale!  25% off everything at Gracie's Cottage on etsy.   Simply enter the coupon code 25off at checkout to save on everything in the shop.  This includes our huge numbers and letters section, ephemera, antiques, fun finds..everything! 

Now for the shopping report!

This week I had a chance to go on a fun excursion with my friend Pamm from Fresh Eggs Antiques.  Check out Pamm's etsy shop - I love her style.  And while you're at it follow her blog.  (Pamm  needs to blog about her home;  she's transformed a suburban home into a wonderful "cottage".  Show us some pictures, Pamm!)  
We spent several hours exploring the Columbus Antique Mall in Columbus, Wisconsin.  As their site says, it's
*Wisconsin's Largest Antique Mall*
"Where dealers shop for their merchandise."
Over 82,000 square feet of antiques displayed and sold by
222 of Wisconsin's finest dealers in 444 booths in 18 rooms.
Open Everyday  8:15 am - 4 pm    
Don't you love those hours?  
The majority of dealers at Columbus don't stage their booths; merchandise is packed on shelves.  There are some that do a great job of showing off their goods, like the owners of the booths pictured above.  Prices at Columbus tend to be very reasonable; a reward for the fact that you have to do some digging to unearth the treasures. 

After a quick lunch, Pamm drove us over to the Pardeeville Antique Mall , where we immediately fell in love with the greeter.  Meet "Sully".
Look at those eyes; they look straight into your soul and grab your heart.

Pardeeville is about 10,000 sf of pure shopping bliss. 
Each dealer stages their room-like booth in their particular style.
There are no messy shelves, no rummage sale's all 'good'!
This shopping cart was a bit beyond my budget, but oh I loved it!
And what little cowpoke wouldn't look adorable in this shirt?
At the risk of dating myself, I remember watching Roy Rogers!
If you need a "shopping day" like I did, head on over to Pardeeville or Columbus.  You are going to have a swell time - I promise!


  1. I know Sully and I love, love, love the Pardeeville Antique Mall. I so wish I knew you were in town. I could have met up with you. Would have been fun to join you on the "hunt" :-) Merry Christmas Jan!

  2. Great review and holiday shopping for all!

  3. This looks like one awesome mall...glad that you got to go:) Hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  4. Looks like a fun shopping trip. Sully is adorable.

  5. Love those hours...truly shopper friendly!
    Don't feel like the Lone Stranger...I remember Roy and Dale too!

  6. Replies
    1. Me too! Everything is so cute! I'll have to make a special trip out to you.


  7. Well, it's a little bit too far away for me, but just look at all of the goodies. I LOVE that white pitcher.... I'd buy that one for sure!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  8. Wisconsin? Hmmmm....I can be there in about 14 hours. Maybe this summer!


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