Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Help is (not) So Hard to Find

The 'moving in' process continues at the Waterloo Antiques Mall.  As of today, most of the bigger pieces are in, and I'll be adding loads of smalls in the coming days.
I drove all day on Saturday to get this wonderful old piece.  It was used in a bakery to display the loaves of bread. What doesn't show in the photos is the wavy old glass that is all the way down on each side. I think it was worth the drive, do you agree?
On Tuesday, Pamm from Fresh Eggs Antiques gave up her day off to help me.  Not only that,
she brought yummy sandwiches for us!
It was a regular old party on Tuesday, as Kathy also gave up another day to help, and brought a delicious apple tart for our working lunch. I'm so blessed to have friends to help; couldn't have done it without them. Thanks Pamm & Kathy!
Although the mall is sixty miles from my home, the trip seems shorter each time I go. Once I'm set up, I plan to go there at least once a week to freshen it up and add new finds.
There will be a an event sometime in April when all of the exciting changes that are currently in the works at the Waterloo Antiques Mall are completed.

Among the happenings, I've learned that two of my dear friends will soon be setting up spaces of their own near mine.  I can't wait!
I would love it if you'd stop and visit Gracie's Cottage at the Waterloo Antiques Mall anytime that you're in the might just find me there!


  1. Hi Jan, good luck with the new space (not that you will need it). It looks amazing and I hope you do well!

  2. FaB Look!!! ~ BeSt of SaLes in your new space...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  3. Your booth looks great! Let us know about the event in April, as I have 2 friends that want to go down to this mall with me. Blessings from Ringle.

  4. Oh Jan how FABULOUS....I was THRILLED to read you'd secured a space & am so looking forward to reading posts about this part part of your business....!

    I was EQUALLY CHUFFED to spy Kathy's sweet smile again....JUST as CUTE as I remember....PLEASE say HEY to her for me....!!

    I SO WISH I could find me a bakery display case like yours....STUNNING piece my Friend & it will show your Treasure off to PERFECTION....!!

    Take care & have a BRILLIANT week....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah xx

  5. It's going to be great, Jan! I'd love to shop your goodies...

  6. Thanks for adding that link to your facebook. I know you have more than 200 followers, however, I did name you as a Liebster Award winner on my blog. Thanks.


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