Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Farm Sale - Part One

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it's going to be a glorious day in Wisconsin!   Monday wasn't so pretty.  It rained.  For a short time you would have thought we were in the midst of a hurricane.  I got drenched when I stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Sitting in the Pilot, I was waiting for the rain to let up when I saw a shopping cart blow out of the cart corral and head straight for my front bumper.  I jumped out, pushed it back in, jumped back in the car, only to have to repeat the process.   At that point I went on in to buy what I needed, literally dripping. I've never been so wet, outside of my shower.  Not pretty.  I headed straight for home.

Kathy called to give me a heads-up on a farm sale in my area.  Do you think I went home to get dried off and  'presentable' first?   Are you kidding?  A farm sale?  She must have stayed on the phone with me for 20 minutes, sitting by her computer, giving me turn-by-turn directions.  What a true friend!
This sale wasn't for a casual picker; you had to be a 'digger'.  The big old farmhouse was full, as were several outbuildings.  I ran into Pam, (Vintage Girl Stuff), and her son Cody, (Young American Picker).
Pam and I decided to go check out the loft in one of the barns, even though Cody warned  us that the 'stairs' were sketchy.  Going back down, Pam reached the bottom and hollered to Cody that we'd survived, just as my wet foot slipped off the edge of one of the steps and I came crashing the rest of the way down.  
Fortunately, the biggest injury was to my dignity!  I was sore yesterday and am really sore today.  Nothing that a good massage won't improve.  Yep, 'happy-first-70-degree-day-of-2012-to-me', I'm going for a massage this afternoon.
But first, I've got lots of work to be done.  I have an old bench that needs a little spiffing up before it goes out to Waterloo.  
 I'm off to accomplish something.  Here's hoping that your day is sunny!

(All photos are things found at the farm sale....more in another post, soon!)


  1. I have a thing about digger sales. When I first arrived I am all trying to keep clean, and then, I get more dirty and throw the whole thing to the winds and really, really dig. It is amazing what you can find. So much fun. Such stories these items can tell.

  2. ohhhh ! I love a good junky barn/farm sale!

    Nice Loot!

  3. Oh I would have went soaking wet too. I had to walk around in the rain yesterday but for a not fun reason-getting an estimate on tree removal. One kidney required at least.

  4. Oh how I love those jacks!! I want some. I want some :-) I may need to come to Junk Jubilee :-)

  5. Oh yes! That friend is REALLY a true friend. I think you should keep her :)

    Many thanks too for the Leibster Award! How sweet are you!!!! And to think you aren't even a cat person ;) I must be even more charming than I realize ;) or is it my good looks????

    Purrs for a wonderful week!

    Romeo and "her"

  6. you need to make a necklace from those charms girlfriend;) they are too cool!

  7. Loving your Blog and looking forward to regularly coming back - just love the green jar and tulip tea towel.... your photo's are fantastic....

  8. It was a fun sale to dig around in especially the barns. Came home with a few primitive treasures. Did you go back for more?

    1. I was there 3 times, but didn't find a lot more..

  9. Glad you were not hurt. I hate being soaking wet out of the shower.:):) I know what you are saying. Hope you are feeling better and have a great weekend. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)


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