Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Good Day Pickin'

Today was a wonderful day, and not just because it started with a long overdue visit to the dentist!  We're having the warmest stretch of March weather on record, daffs are blooming, birds are singing and the picking was great.
 Here are a few things I picked up.  If you are reading this Olive, (Olive Out), I'm sure that big green funeral basket caught my attention due to your recent post.  You'll see how I'm going to use it in my next post.
This door is fabulous...I can't get the color to 'read' right on my monitor.  It's creamy yellowish-off-white over green.  If you are a girly-girl you'll like the other side even more. P-I-N-K!
The sweet little black wire table has a removable tray top, perfect for serving lemonade or sweet tea this summer.
From an old pharmacy cabinet, comes a slant-top unit, complete with dividers for holding medicine labels.
And for you sports fans, we've got this 'films' & 'score pads' cabinet.
On the top you can just make out "Training...library".  Is that not cool?  I wish I knew where it came from.
There's more, but I've got to get this all loaded up and ready to roll out to Waterloo tomorrow.  See ya!
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  1. i know this one lol i love this one i had an outhouse on my trailer when i saw it i stopped at the next house down and they gave me the mans number but he dint want to give it up i think of this one lots i cant believe you found it i cant even remember where i had seen it thank you for stopping and taking a pic out of all the outhouses in wisconsin wow !

  2. I hope you get it one day, Jamie!


  3. I am loving that pharmacy piece!!

  4. I love everything you found...especially that "training" cabinet. If it's got anything at all stenciled on it in the way of lettering, I'm a fool for it. If it's monogrammed...then it's whoa nelly!

  5. I love what you've found, and what a beautiful new header!!


  6. Hi Jan, the chippy door is perfection and gorgeous as your new header/ Enjoy your weekend, Tam x


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